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Landmark Liquid Biopsy Study Shows Accurate Detection of Early-Stage Breast Cancer

Study establishes the high clinical performance of ‘TrucheckTM - Breast’ blood test.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, ENGLAND, July 13, 2022 / -- Datar Cancer Genetics (Datar) a world-leading liquid biopsy company today announced the publication of data from a large liquid biopsy study for the detection of early-stage breast cancer. A team of experts from the UK, USA, Germany, and India led by Dr. Timothy Crook reported findings that demonstrate the utility of detecting Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) in asymptomatic women for breast cancer screening. The study titled, “Accurate Screening for Early-Stage Breast Cancer by Detection and Profiling of Circulating Tumor Cells” was published in the journal ‘Cancers’. The study findings show the high accuracy and reliability of Datar’s early-stage breast cancer detection blood solution, even in very early-stage breast cancers (Stage 0, 1). The study covered 9632 healthy women and 660 breast cancer cases. The overall accuracy of the test was 99.57%.

According to Prof. Kefah Mokbel, Lead Surgeon at The London Breast Institute, The Princess Grace Hospital, London, “There is clear evidence from breast cancer screening trials that early detection of breast cancer saves lives and leads to a less radical treatment with fewer side effects. Early breast cancer detection through a simple blood test is the next frontier in breast cancer research. The excellent data observed in this study has exceeded expectations and seem to be superior to results reported for similar liquid biopsy tests. These findings represent a pivotal step towards extending early breast cancer detection beyond the current screening age and to women not participating in the current breast cancer screening programs due to concerns regarding radiation exposure during mammography or logistical access issues.”

“Early diagnosis is fundamental to optimal treatment of breast cancer” stated Dr. Tim Crook, Medical Oncologist at The London Clinic, London, and lead author of the study. “Analysis of CTCs using the advanced technology in this platform allows highly sensitive detection of breast cancer at early stages. The assay will provide an additional means of early diagnosis and with it the potential to improve clinical outcomes for breast cancer patients.”

"Last year, the USFDA recognized the potential of our test for the detection of early-stage Breast Cancer and has awarded it the Breakthrough Device Designation. We believe that this revolutionary test will offer definitive advantages for Breast Cancer screening," said Dr. Vineet Datta, Executive Director of Datar. “Over 2.3 million women are detected with breast cancer every year globally and early detection is linked to better outcomes. We believe that the detection of CTCs is a dependable and highly accurate method for early detection of cancer as it enables the capture and characterization of functional components of a tumor. The ability to detect early-stage breast cancer accurately from a simple blood draw is the highlight of our technology. We believe the solution will encourage more women to participate in breast cancer screening for a safer future.”

This test is already CE-marked and available in the UK and Europe as TrucheckTM-Breast and will also be available in the United States shortly as a Laboratory Developed Test (LDT). The test requires only 5 ml of blood and is indicated for asymptomatic women above the age of 40 years with a physician's prescription.

About Datar Cancer Genetics
Datar is a leading global cancer research corporation specializing in the development of safe and patient-friendly non-invasive technologies for better diagnosis, treatment decisions, and management of cancer. Datar has a College of American Pathologists (CAP), CLIA, ISO15189, ISO9001, and ISO27001 accredited molecular genomic facility in India and a state-of-the-art lab facility in the United Kingdom, with the USA facility to become operational shortly. The Company’s team of scientists, clinicians, advisors, and experts, based out of the United Kingdom, U.S.A., Germany, and India help advance our innovative technologies for better cancer management.

The Company proposes to have multiple test centres globally by 2024 and is currently pursuing further large clinical studies across the globe to support the development of non-invasive technologies for the early detection of several cancer types including those for which screening is currently not available.

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