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New Mounted Fish Dehooker Allows for Hands-Free Removal of Fish from Almost All Hooks

Overboard’s dehooker is useful for seasoned fishermen and designed so anyone can remove fish unharmed and more effectively

MANATEE COUNTY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2022 / -- A new, patented fish dehooker from Overboard Technologies Inc., which allows for completely hands-free removal of fish from almost all standard hooks and some single hook lures, will be launched at ICAST, the world’s largest sportfishing trade show. ICAST is being held July 20-22 in Orlando, Florida.

The patented design catches the hook after releasing a fish, which helps prevent dangerous free-swinging hooks. It mounts securely on boats or other fishing platforms, and can swing inside or out, allowing fishermen to choose whether to keep or release the fish. When done, it folds away neatly and out of the way.

While the dehooker is great for seasoned and professional fishermen, the design is so easy to use that even children or those new to the sport of fishing can remove a fish from their hook all by themselves.

The dehooker can be mounted to boats, docks, kayaks, fish boxes, livewells and more. It is huge from a conservation standpoint, as fishermen do not have to handle the fish to release it. This dramatically improves the chance of survival for the fish by removal of their slime coat and unnecessary handling.

Overboard owner Brady Nelson, who invented the dehooker, was born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida and has been fishing his entire life. At 17, he started fishing bass tournaments and continued to fish competitively for 17 years. In 2005, he started fishing redfish tournaments and won his first event. Starting in 2006, he led the entire West Coast of Florida in points in the professional IFA redfish tour for three consecutive years.

Nelson has been a licensed charter captain since 2000 and continues to run trips from Tampa Bay to Lake Okeechobee.

He came up with the idea of a mounted dehooker while commercial fishing with his son Capt. Kasey Nelson as an easy way to eliminate unwanted species over the side of the boat and speed up the process of removing the fish in order to keep the bite going and catch more in less time. After years of work designing and manufacturing, he built the dehooker, which not only looks great and will withstand the tough salt water conditions, but will also help make days on the water more enjoyable.

The dehooker, Brady Nelson said, lets experienced fishermen remove fish without making a mess of their boats and makes fishing more productive by quickly removing undesirable fish.

For fish that are gut hooked, the device gives a fisherman an extra hand to hold the fish outside of the boat and cut the line as close to the hook as possible. It’s safer for the fish and the fisherman.

“For guides, imagine not having bandages all over your fingers from all of the shorts and out-of-season fish. Since the stationary dehooker is mounted on the boat or other surface, there is no more searching for a misplaced dehooking device during the excitement of landing a fish. My clients are now releasing many of their own fish while I am tending to someone else, dramatically increasing our catch numbers for the day, and many other captains are saying the same thing,” Brady Nelson said.

The dehooker also keeps dangerous fish like sharks and rays outside the boat and it means no more chasing pliers, other dehooker devices and tools around boats.

For more information or to order an Overboard Pro fish dehooker, which comes with a lifetime warranty on all stainless steel models, visit The site also has video demonstrations of the dehooker.


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