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Himiway releases Augmented Reality Features and 3D exhibition for its Himiway Cobra Pro

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Ebike giant Himiway published Augmented Reality Features and 3D exhibition to its Cobra Pro, the branded Softail Electric Mountain Bike from the company.

ST. GEORGE, UTAH, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2022 / -- The Himiway Cobra Pro is tailor-made for off-road enthusiasts. It is equipped with the Bafang mid-drive motor, which is considered one of the leading manufacturers of electronic drive systems. A 1300W of peak motor power will lead you to conquer the roughest venture. A four-bar link suspension system with a four-sided polygon design promotes superior vibration absorption. As the first middle-class e-bike on the U.S. market with four-bar linkage suspension, Himiway Cobra Pro keeps its riders safe and gives them the best riding experience on their toughest explorations.

By incorporating the Augmented Reality Features and 3D exhibition on the Himiway Cobra Pro, the Himiway group wants its prospective customers to witness the beauty of the bikes in the most detailed way from anywhere across the globe. ''We want you to observe our bikes as close as possible and see they are designed for reliable, exhilarating, and long-range travel. Our bikes will power you through any terrain—forest, mountains, or urban jungles'', declared the CEO of the company.

Over the years, Himiway has developed an enviable reputation as a long-range expert in the electric bike industry. The e-bike market is tipped to generate around 53.5 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of around 12.27 percent between 2022 and 2027 and Himiway is at the forefront of this growth with its impeccable electric bikes and professional services.

At the moment, 70% of riders are on the lookout for electric bikes that can go farther. However, most of the E-bikes on the market can only reach 40 miles. Since its establishment in 2017, based on the feedback of over 50,000 users, Himiway has been continuously improving the range of e-bikes. On average, the range of Himiway e-bikes can reach 43% higher than other e-bikes on the market, up to 80 miles on a single charge. ''Himiway was born to scale the summits where others fear to tread, so we can see further and go farther'', said the company CEO.

In its commitment to excelling as a leader in the ebike industry, Himiway has undergone some positive changes within the company over the past few months. Today, they can proudly say they are the quintessential blend of speed and quality services. This quality service is aptly exemplified by the rave reviews the company's bikes have elicited from its riders.

According to an exciting rider, Aaron Dilley: "We had the Himiway bikes with the 4” tires and they were awesome. saw these came out and these were just what we needed. We use these bikes for camping and they are way lighter it seems, and a bit easier to store. If you just like cruising around and have good power these are great bikes. We don't ride really fast, but they sure do seem like they go fast. upgrading the seat i

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