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Zurvita’s Zeal for Meals Program Provides Over 170,000 meals 

Our partners from SERV International loading vans for war refugees in Ukraine.

Local pastor praying over a crowd in Northern Kenya.

Locals receiving much needed medical care.

When we started Zurvita we wanted to make a significant impact on people from all walks of life and to change lives for the better.”
— Jay Shafer, Founder and CEO of Zurvita
IRVING, TEXAS, US, July 8, 2022 / -- Zurvita, a health and wellness company, is happy to announce it reaches over 170,000 meals in new initiative started January 2022.

At Zurvita we are all about people, and we have committed to providing a million meals through our new program Zeal for Meals in partnership with SERV International.   Zurvita started its journey in 2008, and is centered on health and wellness. Zurvita’s goal is to empower people to believe in themselves and take control of their health and happiness.  We love people; it’s that simple.  

Zurvita is a mission driven company whose field leaders, customers and staff accepted the challenge to feed a million people. In a short 6-week period, at the beginning of 2022, Zurvita was able to provide over 40,000 meals to people in need, worldwide. Now Zurvita has surpassed a key milestone, with over 170K meals provided.

“We have our partners scattered throughout the globe helping to bring hope, prayers, support, and relief to people of many different walks of life in complex regions,” said Adili Kea, Chief of Operations and Development for SERV International. 

Another service we have been able to provide has been shelters, food and clothing for the war refugees in Ukraine.  

Zurvita’s desire is to help provide for people in need. Through its Zeal for Meals program, each time customers purchase a 30-day canister of our flagship product, Zeal for Life, not only do they enjoy clean energy and clinically proven results, but Zurvita also donates 3 meals through Serv International for every canister sold. With these donations, also comes the provision of medical services, nutritious meals, and education to communities in the most rural and remote regions of the world.   

The communities that Zurvita and SERV serve have no infrastructure in place, but with Zurvita’s donations they are building schools, churches and wells to help provide clean drinking water. 

“Through SERV's partnership with Zurvita, we’ve been able to see lives changed both physically and spiritually in some of the most remote regions of the world. Zurvita’s support not only helps feed the hungry, but brings hope to so many in need, provides opportunity to share Christ, empowers women, aids disaster relief, and sustains life in communities around the world. We have a saying here at SERV that reads: it all starts with food, but leads to so much more.” said Steve Kasha, Founder and CEO SERV International. 

In early March Zurvita received notice from Kea, that a truck carrying Zurvita’s donated food was in route to respond to families in critical need in Northern Kenya.  

Zurvita and SERV’s partners are working with local pastors in the community to facilitate food distribution points at different church locations across the region, this food and sustenance is a lifeline for the people of Northern Kenya. 

 “The areas are very remote and are only accessed through maps we have created on prior missions,” said Kea.  

In addition to the meals, with Zurvita’s donations in Northern Kenya our partners have been able to provide a doctor on staff who does home visits during the food distributions to help facilitate care to the local women, children and elderly. 

“When we started Zurvita we wanted to make a significant impact on people from all walks of life and to change lives for the better, and I believe we are doing that through our amazing product, Zeal for Life, our incredible humble field leaders and now with our Zeal for Meals program and the partnership with Serv International,” said Jay Shafer, Founder and CEO of Zurvita.

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