Literacy Kings, Corey Paul and Jamorcus Trayham announced as 2022 Top Google Podcasts Creators

Jamorcus Trayham and Corey Paul

As founders of Literacy Kings, the two have set out to help marginalized people of color have financial literacy without the monotony and boredom.

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, July 6, 2022 / -- Literacy Kings, Musician Corey Paul and entrepreneur JaMorcus Trayham grew up in a neighborhood with a 30% school drop-out rate, and didn’t start reading books until adulthood. Together, and with a mix of education and entertainment, Corey and JaMorcus break down popular financial books in a way that resonates with people of color and marginalized communities while also sharing their own life experiences. Announced as participants in the 2022 Google Podcasts creator program, a podcast accelerator and intensive 20-week training program for audio producers around the world. The Dynamic Dua will also receive up to $15,000 in funding for production costs and one-on-one mentorship.

Corey and JaMorcus were motivated after realizing that people of color from marginalized communities often lack financial literacy due to a shortage of resources and socioeconomic background. So, together, they came up with The Financial Literacy Program. Despite being part of the group of young people who faced 30% dropouts and without financial literacy, they managed to weather life’s most difficult challenges. Now, they want to share their knowledge with their community.

Corey Paul is a hip-hop artist with over six million streams and two Billboard albums. At the same time, JaMorcus is an honorable military veteran with an MBA and is very much into investments. After fighting poverty and becoming adults, they started to seek knowledge through books, which radically changed their financial mindset and will continue to share their knowledge with people who need it most, changing their lives. Yet, amidst all the success, they stay humble, hungry, and driven to keep sharing insights and ideas that will teach marginalized people how to succeed in life and take control of their financial future.

In Literacy Kings, Corey Paul and JaMorcus teach their community how to understand better money, entrepreneurship, investing, and podcasting in a simple, relatable and engaging way. They break down credible financial books and synthesize their information in a culturally appropriate way so that the people of color who have been marginalized can learn it more effectively.

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