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Sun Health Center in Deerfield Beach, FL, Offers Four Types of Neuro Therapy Services

One of the nation’s best is providing outpatient services in brain optimization, and recovery has expanded its services.

DEERFIELD BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2022 / -- Representatives with Sun Health Center today announced that it is now offering four types of Neuro Therapy Services.

Alan Parana, Marketing and Design representative and spokesperson for Sun Health Center explained that the company is committed to harnessing the therapeutic potential of the latest innovations in applied neuroscience to help our patients feel better from the inside out. Its Neuro Therapy services for Peak Performance, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Mental Health Issues, and Addiction have helped many people experience optimal mental health and lasting recovery.

At Sun Health, Neuro Therapy consists of a combination of neurofeedback and neuromodulation that uses cutting-edge technology to:

• Help executives, performers, athletes, and others overcome issues that may be keeping them from progressing in their career and/or relationships or from experiencing better quality of life.

• Rehabilitate the brain in the aftermath of TBI and relieve associated symptoms.

• Alleviate mental health symptoms and speed recovery from anxiety, depression (including treatment-resistant depression), and a wide variety of other conditions.

• Administer effective addiction recovery that addresses the core issues of brain dysregulation that contribute to substance abuse.

Parana went on to invite everyone to explore more about its four Neuro Therapy Services, Peak Performance;TBI Neurorehab (,); Mental Health Issues (, and Neuro Therapy for Addiction (

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About Sun Health Center

Sun Health Centers, headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida, is an outpatient provider of specialized services in brain optimization and recovery. Our nationally renowned neuro, medical and clinical professionals treat men and women from around the country (ages 18 and up) who come to us for help with a wide range of needs in the areas of peak performance and recovery from traumatic injury, addiction, and mental health conditions.

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