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Author, Triveen Nair, Releases fun and exciting Table Top Board Game called Shastranga, Untold Secrets

Luxury in Wood and Leather Game Board

The Luxurious Bespoke Shastranga Game Board

Super Hero of Shastranga Board Game

Children have fun as their Super Hero take charge of the game

Fun and excitement

Shastranga enters the India Hall of Fame as uniquely Indian

A name that evokes excitement and immense possibilities. A slice of ancient Indian heritage with a modern spin. Educational and thoroughly entertaining!

Design Art, sequence, challenges and house narratives along with the distinctive artwork design of the board game, with the playing accessories and narrated events are fully owned by the developer”
— Triveen Nair
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 4, 2022 / -- Land of Seekers author, Triveen Nair, has recently come out with an educational and entertaining board game for children and Adults that revolves around concepts of Astrology and ancient wisdom. This game captures the thrill of the night sky and the predictive path as our earth moves through the vast space, today.

Aside from being the world’s first modern Indian board game, Shastranga combines astrology and astronomy, on a playing surface reminiscent of the 7500 years of Vedic star sequence on the Sky map. It quickly brings the thrill of traveling the night sky to your living room as you unravel the layers of personality in this Astrology based game.

This highly coveted limited edition board game is perfect for a collector with taste. Encapsulated in the game are stories, events and challenges whilst Players hear memorable stories and learn lessons to last a lifetime. Even a certain level of customization of game accessories is possible.

The first Modern India board game with unique idea of translating the astrological sky of 360° degrees divisions into 13.33° of 27 Nakshatras within 12 Solar/Lunar Zodiac Signs. The playing area is bound by constricting lines in multiple layers denoting Tropical, Sidereal and IAU (International Astronomical Unit Boundaries) converging towards the centre, with open area in the centre for playing.

The Square/Rectangular Playing surface design is game specific proprietary information using innovative idea to integrate the 360° degrees of a circle aligning the opposites of 90° and 270° and 0° and 180° within The sequential layout of the celestial sky with the Star constellations as seen through the 12 Zodiac months of a year, along with the cardinal points of East-West and North-South Axis, within a square/rectangular board interspersed with additional boxes which form relevance to the sequence for Indian/Asian culture.

This masterpiece in workmanship beautifully constructed with wood and leather, has a waiting list of Who’s Who of India and is available on invitation only. The Copyrighted design in 4 variants has a production run of only 300 Playing Board worldwide.

This strategy board game is a game of conquest, betrayal, and lordship over a star sign of your choice as you venture through star constellations the ancients used to guide their travel through the 12 months of the year. The aim of the game is to occupy the territory of your opponents and deny them the opportunity to own their own star signs.

The game can be played with two or more players, with each player taking turns to roll the twin dice as they move around different star houses, identifying their star “colour” within the 12 moon mansions. There are a total of twenty-seven star houses divided among nine ruling planets.

This will be Nair’s second project, the first being his historical fiction and thriller, Land of Seekers, which follows the events of 1766, the least documented but most vital year in India’s history when 3 Kings die in quick succession under mysterious circumstances. The book takes a journey through Zanzibar, Oman, and Venice and places closer to home, like the Thar Desert and Calcutta.

The Shastranga board game will be launched in Oct 2022; pre-orders will begin September 2022 for deliveries in 2023.

Śhastrāṅgā® - A name that evokes excitement and immense possibilities. A slice of ancient Indian heritage with a modern spin. Educational, constructive, and thoroughly entertaining!

Triveen Nair
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Śhastrāṅgā® - A name that evokes excitement and immense possibilities. Educational, constructive, and thoroughly entertaining!