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Award-winning Physician and Pharmacist Launches New Line of Plant-based Skincare Products with Healthier Ingredients

Three products make up the science-backed beauty routine from Zohra Scientific Skincare

Zohra Scientific Skincare provides a science-backed beauty routine formulated with plant-based ingredients.

Dr. Zohra Salehi has launched Zohra Scientific Skincare (, a science-backed beauty routine that uses plant-based ingredients.

My goal is to bring awareness and transparency to the commercial skincare industry and to ensure that high-quality products are tested, effective, and gentle.”
— Dr. Zohra Salehi
NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 4, 2022 / -- When Dr. Zohra Salehi could not find skincare products that met her personal standards for safety and performance, she decided to develop her own line of products and create a skincare brand that would make them available to the public.

Dr. Salehi, a frontline physician and a pharmacist, has launched Zohra Scientific Skincare (, a line of skincare products made with plant-based ingredients. She formulated these products after three years of intensive research and study into existing products on the market.

During her research and background in pharmacology studies at the University of Connecticut, she found that many skin moisturizers contain benzyls and propylene glycol, which are linked to skin irritation, itching, and sensitivity. According to Dr. Salehi, propylene glycol is a safe ingredient – but it is a skin penetrant, which allows harmful substances found in makeup and the environment to penetrate the skin and cause damage to its natural surface.

Zohra™ Minimalist Face Cream is one of only a few moisturizers on the market that does not contain propylene glycol.

Dr. Salehi also believes that synthetic fragrances should not be part of a healthy skin regimen because they are linked to irritation and redness, and they impair skin that is prone to acne.

These newly launched vegan skincare formulas incorporate micronutrients, professional grade quality, and affordable prices. Zohra Skincare is the first physician/pharmacist skincare line designed for all skin types with clean ingredients and that is backed by science.

The products have no harsh ingredients, additives or parabens to ensure that the skin is not exposed to unnecessary chemicals. The three-step beauty routine includes:

Zohra™ Glycolic Face Cleanser, a liquid, non-drying cleanser made with fruit-derived glycolic acid that removes impurities and preps the skin for the serum and moisturizer. The cleanser is safe for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Zohra™ The Glow Protect & Prevent Serum is designed to protect against sun damage and help rebuild collagen for anti-aging effects.

Zohra™ Minimalist Face Cream provides intense hydration and soothing and protects the skin with shea butter, ceramides, squalane, and marine algae.

“My goal is to bring awareness and transparency to the commercial skincare industry and to ensure that high-quality products are tested, effective, and gentle,” said Dr. Salehi.

For more information about Zohra Scientific Skincare and its line of beauty products - or to place an order, please visit Standard shipping rates apply and there’s a full, 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders.

About Zohra Scientific Skincare:

Zohra Scientific Skincare ( is committed to creating clean and natural beauty products that lead to healthy skin. This simplified beauty routine utilizes the three products in the Zohra™ skincare line: Glycolic Face Cleanser, The Glow Protect & Prevent Serum, and Minimalist Face Cream. This beauty brand was developed by Dr. Zohra Salehi, a frontline physician and a pharmacist, when she could not find products that met her own standards for safety and performance.

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