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Hocking College Releases Study Results that Will Disrupt the CBD Coffee Industry

The study concluded that most CBD is lost with generic K-Cup brewing

NELSONVILLE, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- Hocking College, one of the first colleges to offer a Medical Cannabis Laboratory Technician program, recently released the results of a study that examined the CBD concentration of coffee in generic K-Cups. Their goal was to evaluate the stability of powdered CBD in brewed coffee using generic K-Cups. The study determined that “prior to brewing, the coffee had a detectable amount of CBD higher than the labeled amount, but after brewing, the expected amount of CBD was much lower.”

“We felt this was an important area of research to explore,” said a spokesperson for Hocking college. “Consumers need to understand the effects of food preparation processes on CBD content.”

In the fall of 2020, the Hocking College Cannabis Analytic Laboratory began the research project with CBD Health Collection. Each experiment was conducted three times to ensure the accuracy of the data. All experiments used the same amount of water and the same coffee brewing method using a Keurig K-Mini Plus. The reported results for CBD indicate little mass transfer of CBD from the coffee in the generic K-Cups to the brewed product. In all experiments, less than 17 percent (percent of theoretical) of the CBD in the ground coffee was transferred to the brewed product.

Full-spectrum CBD oils and water-soluble powders have poor consistency with regard to CBD concentration from brew to brew and, overall, very little of the CBD makes it to the cup with common coffee brewing methods.

The study also found that a post-brew addition of a premeasured packet of ISOEdge added to the coffee resulted in more CBD concentration in the coffee and consistent levels from brew to brew. The study demonstrated that 100 percent of the ISO Edge product gets to the cup and is stable for 20 minutes. Using the current methods, consumers are throwing away over 90 percent of the CBD they originally paid for.

The college is known for its hands-on approach to learning. “At Hocking College, you’ll learn in an inclusive atmosphere that focuses on developing mind, body and spirit through world-class, hands-on experiential learning in a caring, supportive and nurturing environment,” said a spokesperson for the college.

CBD Health Collection has launched a new coffee additive that uses the scientific advantages of ISOEdge, as determined by this research. The additive has several properties that separate it from other CBD coffee products. The additive is water-soluble and tasteless.

“We bring a total optimal health approach in developing and researching the highest quality CBD products available,” said a spokesperson for CBD Health. “The research study by Hocking College and its results will disrupt the CBD coffee industry. We value bringing a medical approach in developing and researching and are proud to bring ISOEdge to the public.”

All CBD Health Collection products are tested in an FDA-compliant laboratory to confirm that THC levels are in the legally allowable range.

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