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The NoW (Network of Worlds): The World’s First Facebook Play

Multi-coloured, fluid shaped lettering spelling NoW, on a space background, with the words Network of Worlds underneath in and organic, white font

The NoW - The World’s First Facebook Play

A groundbreaking, global, sci-fi/comedy performance that re-imagines theatre for the digital age.

UNITED KINGDOM, June 26, 2022 / -- As Dickens serialised novels with the printing press and Welles took radio in a surprising new direction with War of the Worlds, The NoW – brought to you by CJ Harrington of the United Kingdom – creates a unique story-telling concept with social media. The NoW performance will take place live in a Facebook group over 6 weeks. 8 Actors from the UK, Canada and USA will follow a script of more than 200 prompts and over 150 media assets to improvise social media posts daily. The actors will interact with each other and a large group of background characters through comments and video to tell the story, and public fans who follow the group will be able to comment on the story as it develops, too; making it a truly global, interactive performance and creating a brand new entertainment medium in the process.

The NoW follows 7 strangers who join a Facebook group created by CJ Harrington to serialise his latest short story alongside sharing interesting/related posts from his life. During the first week, media outlets around the world report on small signals or objects traveling towards earth from a very long way away, which quickly and easily penetrate our atmosphere. And soon everyone is told that a form of bio-electric alien tree has started to grow worldwide, which allows anyone free teleportation throughout an abundant, welcoming and safe alien Network of Worlds. Divisions quickly form on Earth, shown through the 8 performer’s experiences and connections. Some people are scared or doubtful and respond negatively, some are a bit nervous but remain open, and some are keen to travel all the alien worlds to explore or exploit. Meanwhile, CJ Harrington’s creative project continues throughout, mirroring and being shaped by the events that are unfolding. As communication and interaction with the aliens grows, and life begins to change on Earth, the governments of the world come together to attempt to stop the situation getting out of hand; applying harsher and harsher citizen control measures, and getting quite out of hand themselves!

Performance starts 18th July 2022.

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