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If You Become A Hero - New Song by MONIKA

If You Become A Hero Cover

If You Become A Hero Cover

Music Video Preview

Music Video Preview

Monika's new release "If You Become A Hero" is an inspirational single from her new album "Proud".

You make me feel like a human on a beautiful day in the sun!”
— Song Lyrics Quote
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 6, 2022 / -- In a world full of noise and turmoil we all wish a super hero would appear and set things right. While that might be far fetched, one can certainly experience the feeling through Monika's delightful and inspiring new release "If You Become A Hero". Much like a modern day superhero Monika seems to remain unaffected by the noise, the trends, the news and keeps producing work that is closer than ever to the core of human emotions.

A music production and choice of instruments that proves that less is more and refined lyrics that could have been taken out of a Hollywood superhero movie, this song has a cathartic effect on the listener as it skillfully fluctuates between thoughts of insecurity and supernatural reassurance and positivity.

With lyrics like "You make me feel like a human on a beautiful day in the sun" and a catchy and ever inspiring ending stating "You're my superman happy end" on repeat, this song will surely be the synch choice of many movie and TV show directors.

Monika has experimented with lots of different styles and genres for the last 6 years and a lot of it met with great success in different regions. For example, her disco album "Secret In The Dark" has had a great response in the US playing everywhere from clubs to malls and opened up new markets like France where it hit the charts. As "If You Become A Hero" is a precursor of what is to come with Monika's "Proud" album, it is clear that Monika is making a turn to het true self, full of emotional and melodic ballads that can reach deep into our soul.

A play on words of "you make me feel like a human" could imply that she is superhuman and judging from the cover artwork her upcoming music video might take that creative direction. Beyond the speculation, Monika has a way of surprising her audience and one thing we can be sure of is that she will always stay true and on the cutting edge of creativity.

"I remember being in Monika's the studio with Homer Steinweiss very late at night when I first wrote "you make me feel like a human" and immediately it sparked one of those existential conversations about what that means. Does it mean she is an alien or superhuman or could it simply mean that she is human feeling aware of what she is." says Stavros Xenides when asked about the lyrics adding "Monika usually has a sense of what each song is about and based on that I build the story".

If You Become A Hero music video has premiered on YouTube July 2nd.

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MONIKA - If You Become A Hero (Official Lyric Video)