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Five-Part Science Fiction Saga “Darkleich” Being Published July 19

Bryan Barton

“Darkleich” chronicles mission to prevent interstellar conflict and maintain galactic peace

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2022 / -- Bryan Barton’s riveting, five-part science fiction saga, “Darkleich,” which chronicles the eponymous soldier and investigator mission to prevent interstellar conflict and maintain galactic peace, is being published July 19.

The series is comprised of “Darkleich: Man of War,” “Darkleich: Elegant Violence,” “Darkleich: Beyond the Storm,” “Darkleich: Blood of Earth” and “Darkleich: Cry of Fury.”

The “Darkleich” series goes beyond Earth’s boundaries and takes readers into the boundless adventures of the bold Criminal Retrieval Unit, as they race to investigate, chase and bring back to justice wanted interplanetary criminals from the 15 planets that are part of the United Alliance of Interplanetary Worlds.

Explaining his inspiration for the series, Barton said, “I started writing my book in 2006 while working in Iraq, where I had to deal with all the daily chaos, mortars hitting the camp and constant gunfire. So, writing this book was a much-needed distraction and developing the full sequel concept that will follow this first part has been a lengthy and deeply personal project that helped me to deal with a lot of issues.”

In the series’ first book, “Darkleich: Man of War,” a cloaked vessel attacks a coalition of planets, which prompts the panicked leaders to appoint Darkleich to get to the bottom of the attacks. The mystery vessel is possibly connected to the species known as the Kadarian and the entire galaxy is in danger. The truth is buried in the annals of galactic history and Darkleich must find the reason behind the attacks, as well as the true perpetrators despite the immense dangers arrayed before him.

“Darkleich: Elegant Violence” begins when the powerful Chancellor Junar survives an assassination attempt and seeks vengeance. Darkleich is once more tasked to find the parties responsible, and now he leads the Criminal Retrieval Unit of the interplanetary coalition, which has grown into the United Alliance for Interplanetary Worlds. Darkleich goes on the pursuit of Zigart, a notorious interstellar criminal, but unexpected twists and betrayals await him.

“Darkleich: Beyond the Storm” continues where the previous installment left off, with Darkleich in pursuit of a formidable crime lord commanding a vast network of henchmen. There is danger at every turn, as Darkleich and his companions must contend with current threats and revisit their harrowing histories as they race against time to stop the crime lord’s plans for mass destruction.

“Darkleich: Blood of Earth” follows the titular hero on a mission to Earth, now a lifeless husk due to an asteroid impact in the year 2165. They are there to retrieve a destructive device, but upon their arrival they make a shocking discovery: namely that the world is not as uninhabited as they thought. They encounter underground civilizations and formidable foes and race against time to complete their mission – the recovery of a planet-killing weapon that cannot fall into the wrong hands.

The final book, “Darkleich: Cry of Fury,” has the tireless soldier and hero confront two of his most dangerous adversaries yet, an ally and friend who now stands apart from Darkleich and a megalomaniac who aims to dominate the galaxy and has sworn to kill Darkleich. The galaxy’s savior must weather attacks from all sides to save interstellar civilization one more time.

“This is not just another fantasy novel. I wanted to develop a story that people could really relate to aside from the fiction element to it,” Barton said. “I have used a wealth of personal experiences and things that I have witnessed to create a story that is really worth reading. Plus, more than aspiring to offer just a piece of entertainment literature, these books send out a powerful message: it doesn’t matter where you come from in life; as long as you’re committed to go where you want to go, nobody and nothing can ever hold you back.”

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