CureMatch and Alliance Care Technologies Announce Partnership to Bring Precision Cancer Treatment to More Patients

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As new therapies rapidly emerge, the CureMatch Decision Support System will be a critical resource for oncologists who may struggle to stay informed about new therapeutic combinations and trials.”
— Michele Tarnow, Founder & CEO of ACT
SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2022 / -- CureMatch, Inc., and Alliance Care Technologies International (ACT) have announced a strategic partnership to bring the groundbreaking CureMatch Decision Support System to a greater number of markets, particularly in the MEASA (Middle East, Asian, South Asian) region. This agreement will give more doctors and patients worldwide access to an unprecedented suite of artificial intelligence (AI)-based SaaS oncology tools by CureMatch, focused on matching cancer patients with personalized treatments according to their genetic profile.

Dubai-based ACT develops advanced technology and AI solutions that aim to solve today’s most pressing healthcare challenges. The company partners with industry leaders to design individualized solutions to enhance patient experience, streamline administrative processes, manage costs and ultimately improve outcomes. Through this partnership, ACT will be able to license the CureMatch Decision Support System in order to bring this precision oncology capability to more doctors, hospital systems and other medical providers.

The CureMatch Decision Support System provides actionable intelligence to oncologists on therapy options matched specifically to an individual patient’s unique molecular tumor profile. The clinical decision support system leverages proprietary algorithms, as well as curated clinical and scientific knowledge, and provides a matching score to help doctors identify combination and monotherapies for optimal cancer treatment.

Patients and providers working with ACT will have access to all of the CureMatch Decision Support System services, including analysis reports for each prospective and/or retrospective patient’s genetic sequencing dataset, and consultations with CureMatch staff as needed for assistance interpreting the decision support system’s reports and recommendations.

“We are at an exciting time in oncology, where treatment options for tumor-specific therapies are being approved at increasing speed,” said Dr. Aaron Han, Chief Medical Officer of ACT. “CureMatch takes the specific genetic signature of a patient’s tumor, and finds the best treatment and combination based on a proven algorithm. Precision medicine in oncology is here now!”

“CureMatch is a solution that will enable physicians to apply advances in precision medicine in oncology to their specific areas of expertise, directly benefiting individual patients' treatment and outcomes” said Michele Tarnow, Founder & CEO of ACT.

“Cancer knows no borders or boundaries, and neither do we,” said Navid Alipour, CEO of CureMatch. “No two cancers are the same, but with our AI technology, we can help deliver better outcomes by helping oncologists process the vast volume of information in genetic sequencing reports, and prescribe therapies customized to their patient’s molecular profile. It is beyond human cognition to process the over 4.5 million possible three-drug combinations that could fight any given person’s cancer. That is why it’s so critical that doctors have access to our proprietary KRR (Knowledge, Representation & Reasoning) AI to “CureMatch” the patient to the correct treatment the first time.”

Continued Alipour: “We are thrilled to work with ACT for a number of reasons. The UAE has become a hub of medical tourism and innovation for both the MEASA region and beyond. The leadership at ACT is committed to optimizing patient care and improving outcomes, while reducing costs for hospitals and patients alike. Their mission aligns directly with CureMatch’s patient-centric approach to genetic testing and AI solution development, and we cannot wait to work together to expand our solution worldwide.”

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CureMatch is a leader in precision medicine digital solutions. Created on the belief that oncologists everywhere should benefit from world-class research, the CureMatch Decision Support System helps guide oncologists in the selection of cancer drugs that are customized for individual patients based on the molecular profile of their tumor, allowing each oncologist to become an expert in personalized medicine for better patient outcomes.

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