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Maggie Mae Hair Fix Launches at North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association Trade Show

Debuts Hair Care Equity in Health Care: The Right Standard of Care

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2022 / -- Maggie Mae Hair Fix Inc. announced the launch of its business at the North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association Trade Show in Greensboro. Maggie Mae Hair Fix, which was founded by a North Carolina Adult and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner and a North Carolina licensed cosmetologist, both women of color, debuted its new health care initiative, Hair Care Equity in Health Care: The Right Standard of Care. The company’s mission is to improve the way health care facilities address hair care for patients with textured hair, delivering more equitable care for patients with afro/kinky/curly hair.

“Historically, health care facilities have not had hair care products to meet the needs of this group of patients,” explained Mirenda Williams, AGNP-C, CEO and Founder of Maggie Mae Hair Fix. “Our strategy is to address this deficiency by partnering with health care facilities throughout North Carolina and the country to implement culturally appropriate hair care processes that meet the hair care needs of this population.”

Maggie Mae Hair Fix is a medical/hair care supply company that supplies hair care products for afro, kinky and curly hair exclusively to health care facilities. The company’s goal is to reset the hair care paradigm in health care facilities. The company is in the process of raising awareness about the disparity in hair care and help set a new standard for the care facilities to deliver. As a nurse with over 20 years of clinical experience, Williams has seen firsthand how hair care, a seemingly minor aspect of health care delivery, is actually a powerful factor affecting a patient’s mental health, physical health and morale.

Traditional approaches to hair care in health care facilities have relied on processes and products that are not suited to textured hair. The results have included hair loss and discomfort, both of which can have a negative impact on patient experience. This can be particularly problematic in an eldercare setting, where patients may already be struggling with a loss of their sense of identity due to the normal effects of aging, as well as the effects of disease processes such as dementia.

Williams added, “We hope to help health care facilities and institutions acknowledge that everyone's circumstance is unique and appropriate resources should be provided. We hope to spotlight the facilities that partner with our company to implement this health care innovation as visionaries in the industry, champions of diversity and advocates for inclusive personal care practices for their patients.

Williams received a BSN in nursing from Winston-Salem State University and later an MSN in nursing. She is currently practicing as a certified Adult-Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, treating patients in a long-term care setting. She is also no stranger to hair care. As she put it, “My love of hair goes all the way back to childhood. Some of my most cherished childhood memories are of time spent with my mom and grandmother doing hair.”

The company’s initiative, Hair Care Equity in Health Care, the Right Standard of Care, is about consistently providing the necessary and culturally appropriate products, tools and staff expertise to meet the hair care needs for those patients/residents with curly/kinky/afro hair in a culturally competent manner while they receive health services within a given health care setting.

The initiative is meant to enable facilities to rethink existing blanket policies and the prevalent “one size fits all” approach policies and guidelines, which were written for the routine hair care for residents. Maggie Mae Hair Fix seeks to provide a solution to the lack of availability of products by supplying a suite of hair care products exclusively to health care facilities that were designed with patients with textured hair in mind. The program for facilities that partner with the initiative also includes evaluating the resident’s usual practices for hair care upon admission, using a standardized data collection tool educating staff and engaging with corporate leadership, staff members and facility leadership to encourage a culture of inclusivity in hair care for residents of color with curly/kinky/afro hair.

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