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Achieving scale in the salon business

How to Make Your Salon Business Grow?

How to Make Your Salon Business Grow?

The salon business is not easily affected by economic factors.

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DUBAI, DUBAI, DUBAI, June 20, 2022 / -- In short intervals, everyone needs a haircut, trimming, styling, and other beauty and grooming services rendered by salons and beauty parlours. Done right, footfall is guaranteed in this business. However, this topic is not frequently discussed. YRC sheds some insights on how salon and beauty parlour brands and businesses can achieve growth in a planned and strategic manner.

1. Improve Customer Retention

Happy customers are repeat customers! It is important to ensure customer satisfaction in the salon business. Customer service has to be at its best at all times. Embracing modernization also plays a vital role in customer retention. Adding the element of luxury is also essential here. Incorporating updated features such as AR-VR experience, easy booking facility, etc. goes a long way in retaining customers from drifting away to modern competitors.

2. Attract More Clients

Social media and advertising help attract new customers. Referral programs are another way to attract new clients. Encouraging existing customers to do word of the mouth marketing is a proven route. In increasing the client/customer base, keeping a tab on the marketing budget and expenditures is equally important to keep the acquisition costs within the planned limits.

3. Go Omnichannel

By going omnichannel, businesses open up additional avenues for bringing in new clients and customers. For example, when a salon business offers online booking facility, it not only serves its existing customers but also provides access to new customers who do not like to wait in queues at salons. Salons can also provide a virtual tour of the store and display customer reviews along with the working hours on their business website or social media pages.

4. Staff Retention

Employees are the drivers of a business. It is no different for salons and beauty parlours. But it is always a challenge to retain high-performing employees. Job opportunities are galore and it does not take much to lose a good employee. Paying adequately and competitively is one of the top-most priorities here. Productive employees get easily demoralised by poor work cultures in salons and the lack of involvement of business owners/salon managers in important matters. It is also frustrating for professional employees when roles and responsibilities are not clearly defined. Last but not the least, recognition and rewards based on fair performance evaluation are the deciders for the patient and productive employees.

5. Customer Feedback

In salon business consulting, experts know that for a salon business to thrive, it's important to learn what clients expect from the salon as a service provider, what they like about it, and what they don't. The positives must be repeated and improvised and the negatives eliminated. For example, clients may ask for a particular brand of shampoo or enquire about the availability of other salon-related services like manicures and pedicures. Or they may even complain about cleanliness. These are the cues and insights for salon owners to work upon as per business priorities.

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