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Play-To-Earn Game with Revolutionary Omni-Balanced Oracle System Just Launched on the Binance Smart Chain

Planet Nicah


CryptoLegions backed by BUSD and provides amazing ROI for players

WATFORD, UNITED KINGDOM, June 17, 2022 / -- CryptoLegions, the first play-to-earn game with an Omni-Balanced Oracle™ System, is now listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko, with plans to be listed on other centralized exchanges like MEXC, Hotbit and Bitmart.

CryptoLegions’ P2E game offers amazing ROI for players and security is fully guaranteed because it is audited by Certik and uses chainlink for randomness. Over time, CryptoLegions plans to create the longest-lasting play-to-earn NFT game on the Binance Smart Chain network, with a lucrative ROI for players.

CryptoLegions is a mythological game, as players need to create powerful legions from warriors and beasts and use them to hunt the deadliest monsters on the planet Nicah in the Kolb galaxy.

The strongest legions will be able to kill the deadliest monsters and collect vast amounts of precious $BLOODSTONE. This precious resource is essential for the creation, survival and strengthening of every legion.

Hunting for Bloodstone can lead to unimaginable wealth and longevity… but it’s also dangerous. Nicah is a hostile planet inhabited by vicious monsters. To survive, players need to recruit a legion of warriors and beasts to fight by their side… and they only accept payment in $BLOODSTONE. The more $BLOODSTONE you acquire, the more legions you can build, and the more Bloodstone you can hunt.

According to a spokesperson for CryptoLegions, play-to-earn NFT games typically fail when their economies become unsustainable. This usually happens when established players hoard NFTs and start withdrawing rewards in bulk without contributing anything back. Without enough new players joining, the economy stagnates: All the rewards have been eaten up by whales, with little incentives left for everybody else. This is when game creators tend to panic and impose knee-jerk measures that catch remaining players off guard, damaging trust and making a bad situation worse.

CryptoLegions has solved this problem with its revolutionary mathematical solution, Nadodo, which protects the longevity of the game economy and reward players who stick around.

Nadodo, CryptoLegions’s Omni-Balanced Oracle, keeps an eye on the economy and uses a proactive system to help game rewards retain their long-term value. Not only are unclaimed rewards linked to the dollar, but Nadodo also employs responsive and adjustable taxation to create a sustainable game economy.

When the game economy is healthy, Nadodo will lower in-game taxes, allowing current players to reap the rewards. If the game economy stagnates, Nadodo will gently raise taxes, incentivizing the value of in-game tokens and use some of the revenue to boost the marketing budget, attracting more players into the game.

Nadodo is also transparent: Players are always fully informed of the incentives and taxations so they can adjust their playing styles accordingly.

The spokesperson described Nadodo as similar to a bulletproof vest for the economy: “You don't feel much difference when having one, but it can save your life.”

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