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Inner Matrix Systems Apprentice Program Donates Over $250,000 in Training Materials and Nearly 9,000 Hours

Denver Personal Mastery Training Company donates training to support individuals to create a life better than they could imagine.

I believe everyone deserves access to quality training, and with these updates we've opened up that access to more people than ever.”
— Joey Klein
DENVER, COLORADO, USA, July 8, 2022 / -- Inner Matrix Systems, the Denver based company specializing in Personal Mastery training, announced today that, between April 2021 and March 2022, they have donated $258,216 in training materials and their Apprentices have donated 8,904 hours in one-on-one training since relaunching their proprietary Apprentice Program in March 2021. With the goal of providing more access to more people and increasing the efficiency with which Apprentices can complete the training program and prepare for certification, the company’s 30 Apprentices have succeeded in serving 742 individuals around the globe during the twelve month period.

The IMS Apprentice Program, a 2000+ hour training system, is a certification program that prepares individuals to train clients in the company’s foundational curriculum, called the Power Series. Under the newly imagined program, Apprentices offer one complimentary course, a $348 value, to a minimum of 32 unique individuals as an introduction to IMS training. The Apprentice donates his or her time as part of their training and IMS donates the course materials.

The company also updated the parameters for Apprentices in training, allowing each individual they work with to engage in only one of the 12-session courses. The shift has created a great challenge for Apprentices as every course they facilitate will be with an individual who has no prior experience with the training, better preparing the Apprentices to quickly and efficiently assess patterns and the most effective course of training for new clients.

"I believe everyone deserves access to quality training," says IMS CEO Joey Klein. "And with these updates we've opened up that access to more people than ever."

The two updates to the program allow Apprentices to work their way through the system more efficiently and be ready to certify in an average of two years. The key requirement for certification is that each Apprentice develops the ability to create transformation in another individual. Once they complete their training and upon final approval by a committee of existing Trainers, Apprentices become certified IM Trainers. They are licensed by IMS to offer Power Series Classes and 1-1 Personal Mastery Training.

The Power Series features four courses—Power of Focus, Power of Emotion, Power of Vision and Power of Intuition. Power of Focus trains tools, techniques and strategies to focus and direct the mind, breaking beliefs that no longer serve and aligning thought strategies with the desired results.

“My biggest takeaway was that the thoughts and stories we have in our mind end up creating our external world,” says Alexander F., a client from Austin, Texas. “If you want to make a change you have to focus on the internal mind first.”
Power of Emotion explores the powerful role emotions play in every choice, decision and action a person takes. Participants learn to identify, shift and consciously choose their emotional state, aligning them with the outcomes they want to create.

“My biggest takeaway is that I am not my emotions and that I am able to retain my cycles of thinking,” says Lindy Y., from Melbourne, Australia. “I no longer feel trapped in my own mind. I now feel empowered and peaceful knowing that I have a choice in the way I feel and working in this training has proved to me that I am not only capable of doing these things but that I can actually accomplish the benchmarks I set out for. In only this short amount of time not only I, myself, but the people around me have seen the changes in me from this training.”

Power of Vision trains participants in a step-by-step process to name their vision in a specific area of life, and develop benchmarks and an action plan to achieve it. This course also trains participants how to motivate, measure and recalibrate on their way to achieving their results.

“In regards to Power of Vision…my biggest takeaway is this simple alignment question: will my current actions (at any time, in any given circumstance) take me toward the fulfillment of my vision? ...and if the answer is no, I take my four sided breath and do my best to choose an action that WILL align with and bring me closer to my vision,” says Maeghen P., from Rochester, New York.

Power of Intuition explores the brain function associated with intuition, and trains participants to leverage intuition to bridge the gap from where they are to the vision they name for themselves.

“This course gave me the tools to be the person I want to be,” says Kelli S. from West Palm Beach, Florida. “It taught me that it’s OK to make mistakes but to keep my intent as my main goal and it taught me how to do that in a constructive way. I feel better overall as a person, spiritually, physically and mentally.”
Klein has developed the IMS approach over the last twenty years to teach individuals how to apply the art & science of personal mastery to their business and personal lives. The company credits their success to the combination of intensity of weekend programs with the consistency of follow-up, hands-on training with a certified IM Trainer. From Denmark to Denver, IMS has built a community of thousands of people from around the world who are passionate about creating meaning in their personal and business lives, connecting with others, and making a contribution.

Inner Matrix Systems offers the Power Series during weekend intensives and weekly classes in addition to private personal mastery training by certified IM Trainers. For more information about Inner Matrix Systems and the courses they offer, visit

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