Klever showcases its blockchain ecosystem on a Time Square billboard

Klever showcases its blockchain ecosystem on a Time Square billboard

The time for Klever to dominate the global crypto scene has arrived.

CAPE TOWN, WESTERN CAPE , SOUTH AFRICA, June 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The past decade’s remarkable growth of Bitcoin to establish itself as a globally recognized force in the world of finance has fundamentally changed the way we view ownership, freedom, and the individual’s right to public financial tools. With Bitcoin's simplicity, universal accessibility, audibility, and properties of non-censorship, the BTC network is an ideal base layer to power the emerging crypto economy.

After working for more than 10 years for big enterprise companies as consultants, the Klever team was not happy with the working environment. They wanted to work remotely, at their own time; at their own pace; without the timesheets, without the office politics, and without the many meetings that result in poor decision-making.

Since its founding, Klever Finance has focused on building blockchain solutions and cryptocurrency products for millions of users across the globe. Since Klever launched its first wallet in 2017, cryptocurrency has evolved tremendously thanks to a growing number of industry players, more users around the world, mainstream adoption, and a variety of products and services. Klever builds their products and services on top of the world’s leading blockchain networks and currently offers 100+ blockchain nodes on top of 20+ major blockchain protocols to ensure global users’ every crypto need is met with optimal uptime.

As a result, Klever has acquired extensive expertise in blockchain technology, cryptography, immutability, and which technologies facilitate high performance, speed, security, and reliability.

Klever blockchain (KleverChain) is days away from launch, and there could not have been a better place to showcase its brand, products, and blood, sweat, and tears than a giant billboard at Times Square in New York.

The launch of KleverChain will be a game-changer for Klever as they will now have no limitations as to what they can build. Nowadays, launching your crypto project and integrating the most useful and essential features desired is very challenging, since developing popular blockchain-integrated dapps requires specialized and still rare development skills. Furthermore, blockchain building becomes increasingly complicated and expensive every day.

Their marketing team is warming up, and exciting times are coming.

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