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Are prediction games hosted on the blockchain fair? A Brazilian tech startup says yes!

Community sponsored games

Communities can sponsor their games creating jackpots for winners

StateOfTheDapps listed Coin League

StateOfTheDapps listed Coin League as trustworthy

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Bull or bear, there is chances for everyone to win races

A new form of games in the #blockchain has arrived to show that fairness can be the rule. This could be a key for decentralized finance #DeFi massive adoption.

RIO GRANDE DO NORTE, NATAL, BRAZIL, June 14, 2022 / -- As we have already been able to observe in recent years, the growth of games hosted on blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Chain and Polygon has been so dramatically exponential that it has led hundreds of conventional developers to rethink their current work situation and migrate their workforce to this new world that has been friendly – ​​and still is – with all those souls who come to the metaverse in search of a space to skill up abilities, recreate and even find the love of their lives.

The rise of new technologies has prompted many projects to create games that are not only hosted on any of the previously mentioned blockchains, but has also led developers to use free-to-use and industrially efficient decentralized tools capable of handling such requirements. with the efficiency of multi-million dollar infrastructure, at a fraction of the operating cost.

Important developments such as 0x (provider of decentralized liquidity for compatible networks), Chainlink (provider of anti-tamper data feeds in real time), The Graph (open dynamic APIs) among others, equip blockchain developers with a range of possibilities in which there are no limits to what can be designed in relation to fair, educational, fun and profitable games.

An example of these fair, educational, and profitable games is Coin League: created by DexKit and open sourced on GitHub for public use or audits and listed as trustworthy by some of the biggest dApps directories as DappRadar, StateOfTheDapps,, among others. This game represents not only a programming milestone due to the amount of logic used and time spent to create it, but also an exemplary benchmark for projects that claim to create "games on the blockchain" but that at the end of the day are just "applets" without any connection to real blockchain.
Coin League brings together everything that is required for a state-of-the-art dApp:

– Operational decentralization: all transactions (and interactions) that take place in the game are “tattooed” on the Polygon or Binance Chain blockchain: only the interface resides on web2 and is well protected to guarantee 24/7 availability;
– Fair: since each transaction is recorded in the blockchain, there is public faith that the results of each game are accurate. In addition, using Chainlink as a price provider ensures that the data is accurate, without manipulations;
– Educational: Coin League is focused for users to learn to navigate smoothly through the harsh and data-heavy cryptocurrency market by providing different options to choose from in each game: different time frames, number of contesting cryptocurrencies, bullish or bearish market and, one of the most fun part, number of players, in which large communities (and even economics classrooms) can come together in a healthy price competition;
– Profitability: This game has been focused on education through the blockchain beyond the profitability it can generate. It is possible with greater adoption, since the prizes that the winners will receive come from the same entry ticket of all, and the developer only takes a small percentage (around 10%). For now it represents the first gem of the predictions HUB that DexKit is publicly developing.

In general terms, it is possible to develop fair games on the blockchain as long as they are open source and the main goal of the developers is not to become millionaires overnight. There is definitely a time for everything and, before something goes viral, the most correct thing is that it be oriented to the public good and nothing else.

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