#CryptoQueen Darcy Donavan is Uniting DeFi Worldwide

#CryptoQueen Darcy Donavan is Uniting DeFi Worldwide

Currently only four percent of the world’s population that is involved in Web3 believes that within the next 8 years Crypto will be the dominant currency worldwide.”
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- In a financial market where people are worried about hyper-inflation, a potential recession and a bear market; Film and Television Actress, Recording Artist, Author and #CryptoQueen, Darcy Donavan, is Uniting DeFi worldwide and trailblazing into the future.

Darcy Donavan, who is known for Movies and Television Shows such as: “Anchorman”, “Modern Family”, “Parks & Rec”, along with many others; has been in Crypto and Web3 for over half a decade, starting out when she first invested into Cardano and Tron. Over the years she has invested in and been involved with numerous companies and projects in Web3. Last year Darcy was brought onboard the Decentralized Finance company Ecoin Finance as the CMO. Earlier this year she was interviewed by the Decentralized Film Company, MetaCitzn, for their Documentary, “Not_A.JPEG”, which is about the OG’s of Web3. “Not_A.JPEG”, will be screened at, NFT.NYC, June 20th. www.darcydonavan.com

Just recently, she was brought on as a Co-Owner of the Metaverse and Cryptocurrency Company, Income Island. Income Island is a Hyper-Realistic Metaverse company that allows people to not only go into their Metaverse, but to also buy homes, apartments, mansions, palaces, etc. With these Virtual Real-Estate options, owners are able to use a mining function built within each Virtual Real-Estate or VRE, to mine for more $INCOME tokens.

Since joining the team at Income Island, Donavan has been creating partnerships between Income Island and other Cryptocurrency Companies that are looking to expand their own Companies into the Metaverse. These Companies are not only building their own corporate high-rises within the Income Island Metaverse, but Income Island is also building these Companies their own Metaverses, which will be joined together with Income Island.

Ms. Donavan was interviewed recently and stated that, “currently there is only four percent of the world’s population that is involved in Web3 and believes that within the next 8 years Crypto will be the dominant currency worldwide.” Donavan went on to say, “That over a billion people will be connected to the Metaverse and for all of this to happen it is imperative for all of Web3 to come together and spread the word to the masses.” It seems to the Web3 Community,

Ms. Donavan is doing her part by not only spreading the word to her 7 million followers, but also by bringing these businesses and communities together.

You can find her posting on her social media platforms about what she is doing in her life, Film, Music, Crypto, NFTs, Metaverse and Web3, but if you would like to hear her speak in person, she will be showcased on the mainstage at the world-famous NFT Expoverse, in Los Angeles, CA, July 30th and will be in attendance and signing autographs and her book on July 29th – July 31st , at the “Income Island” Booth #637.

For more information about Web3, to meet Darcy Donavan and learn more about Income Island, you can get tickets for NFT Expoverse July 29th-31st by going to NFTExpoverse.com/get-tickets/

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