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Queen of Credit Releasing New Book “From Homeless to Millionaire – The Story of J. White”

J. White

President of J. White Credit University shares her journey of being homeless to working her way up to millionaire status

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2022 / -- Janay White, the President of J. White Credit University, today announced she is releasing a new book, “From Homeless to Millionaire – The Story of J. White.” The book comes from White’s cumulative knowledge she has built since making the decision to rebuild her own credit.

Lack of credit education has informed her life’s goal of helping everyone with their credit journeys. J. White encourages people to read her book because it will inspire readers to elevate their lives by repairing their credit.

“I have worked very hard to achieve business success and I truly encourage everyone to reach for financial literacy,” said J. White. “I am invested in your success. My book explains how you can keep yourself from difficult circumstances and live a life of financial freedom. After navigating the credit world, I eventually freed myself from debt and improved my credit. The credit journey was difficult, inspiring me to help others avoid unnecessary hardship.”

White continued, “My book gives you the tools necessary to further your financial literacy. I am here to help. As one of the top leaders in the credit industry, J. White Credit University guarantees tangible results for our clients. Proven long-term success is our top priority. We approach each case with genuine care and compassion. You shouldn’t have to jump through any more hoops to finally feel financially secure.”

J. White Credit University is one of the leading U.S. resources in financial literacy. White herself experienced almost insurmountable challenges due to a lack of credit education. She received her first loan early in life and knows how difficult it is to have a credit slump. Credit cards and applying for credit from multiple sources is a national addiction. Without credit education, people can feel stuck in debt forever. When White was able to rise out of her circumstances, her newfound financial literacy eventually freed her from her debt and allowed her to improve her credit. Through this long and difficult credit journey, she became inspired to help others avoid the challenges she experienced.

“From Homeless to Millionaire – The Story of J. White” will be a valuable resource to begin to repair a credit history. White helps people with simple credit repair, tax advice and long-term credit education. She gives readers proven solutions to help navigate difficult situations and build good credit that will last.

Stay tuned for the launch date of the book. For more information on J. White Credit University, to book a free consultation and sign up for the VIP distribution list, visit


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