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RedFox Games Mobile P2E Game Pre-registration & CBT Announcement

Kingdom Hunter Pre-registration and Closed Beta Test

USA, June 7, 2022 / -- RedFox Games, which has provided game publishing services for North America, South America, and Europe since 2015, has established itself as one of the strongest operators in the South American MMORPG market.

Developed by their subsidiary, TTRIGGER, they have announced the release of the Mobile Strategy TCG, 'Kingdom Hunter', and are planning to first launch in South America. Introducing the new currencies, Runestones and LORD Coin, they plan to join other P2E games by onboarding onto the WeMix platform created by WeMade, a leading P2E game company known for the success of Mir4.

In the world of Kingdom Hunter, players will become the Lord of their own Kingdom, commanding an army of unique heroes with over 140 skills, in an effort to conquer the continent of Ethera. Improve the economy and military strength of your Kingdom by upgrading your structures and deploying your Heroes to explore ancient ruins, gather resources, and defeat your enemies!

Producer Lee Jeong-dae, who created ‘'Legionz: Battle for the Throne', has infused this new game with the unique DNA of his previous work, with upgraded mechanics and intuitive strategy.

It maximizes the charm of turn-based battles, where in order to win, you must utilize the differences in the arrangement, composition, and development of your Heroes. Turn your enemy's forces into friends with the ability to capture and persuade Heroes, and maximize their abilities by improving the three special stats POW, INT, and LEAD!

All pre-registered players will receive $100 USD worth of in-game items and Runestones that can be traded for the new in-game token, LORD Coin!

In addition, a friend invitation event will be held, where ‘LORD Coin’ rewards are paid to the recommender when their friends complete the Kingdom Hunter pre-registration. RedFox Games advises that “due to the nature of the Kingdom Hunter, strategic play with Alliance members is very important.”

Red Fox Games plans to conduct a Closed Beta Test of 'Kingdom Hunter' from June 15th to June 22nd. Apply now to become a tester for our Closed Beta!

During the CBT period, the developers will focus on game balance and server stability to enhance the overall gaming experience. Along with the pre-registration event that pays 'LORD Coin' to all Lords who participated in CBT, there will also be a ‘The Mightiest Lords' Event that will reward the most powerful Lords. The 'Pharaoh's Treasure Hunter' event will reward those who have posted content related to Kingdom Hunter on the official Discord.

In addition, various airdrop events are scheduled, where you can receive ‘LORD Coin’ for completing future events.

Based on the accumulated service experience and marketing, RedFox Games is focused on the successful launch of 'Kingdom Hunter' in South America and will expand globally in the future, including the North America and Europe regions.

Details about the pre-registration and CBT participation of the mobile P2E game Kingdom Hunter can be found on the official website of Kingdom Hunter ( on the RedFox Games web portal.

Ryu Lee
RedFox Games
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