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Miasha Coleman’s Instant Cult Classic Film, “Secret Society” Celebrates One Year Anniversary in June; Fans Await Sequel

Secret Society

We are grateful for the fans love and support of Secret Society and look forward to celebrating the one year anniversary with fans and cast!”
— Miasha Coleman

LOS ANGELES,CA/, MIAMI, FL, USA, June 6, 2022 / -- Author/producer Miasha Coleman based her 2021 film, “ Secret Society” off of her successful 2006 book of the same name, and it charged right up the Amazon charts. The compelling story illustrated the challenging lifestyles of two best friend transwomen characters Charlie, and Troy, who have changed their names to Celess (Reyna Love) and Tina (Erica Pinkett). The film debuted on Amazon and made it to the top of the charts and reached number 3. The film featured Jeremy Meeks, Tray Chaney, Vincent De Paul, Erica Pinkett and award-winning actress Vivica A. Fox and (add was) directed by Jamal Hill.

Secret Society was hailed for its amazing fashion, music and storytelling. The film touches on the stereotype that surrounds trans people because they choose to follow their hearts by transforming into a gender opposite than their birth assignment.
After altering their images, the girls do everything together, perfecting their hustle, tricking men out of their money so they can shop and buy lavish things, living their best lives. They conceal their identities until one is exposed and chaos ensues.

At the time of its release, leading actresses Reyna Love and Erica Pinkett, speaking about their roles Celess and Tina, both expressed desires for trans men and women to walk confidently and unapologetically in their truth, without remorse or fear.

Secret Society is a fictionalized movie and an advisory tale that emphasizes a small piece to what trans men and women endure, as well as the lengths that many take to feel liberated and loved in their own skin by any means necessary. Secret Society was one of the most-watched dramas on Amazon Prime Video when it debuted. Due to its popularity, it has been rumored that a part two has been in the works, Miasha commented, “I never intended to make a sequel even though the book was a trilogy. Because having set the bar so high in part 1, I was intimidated by the thought of executive producing a part 2. However the demand was just too high. I had to trust in my talent and my team and deliver.”

Miasha wore many hats besides producing, including styling the cast as well but had the help of her partner and husband Rich. This power couple is an inspiration for the way they work as a team in business, marriage and family.
“Rich and I are partners through and through,” she explained about financing the movie with her husband. “Once I told him, I'm tired of waiting to see if someone will come through and help us out, he said, ‘well, if you feel strongly about it, let's do it.” Check out Secret Society now…. Watch Secret Society on Amazon Prime

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