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The prosecution’s insistence on overcharging my client, a pillar of this community, with murder is nothing more than a transparent effort to force her to plea that is impeding progress in this case.”
— Tony Buzbee
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 3, 2022 / -- Tony Buzbee, from The Buzbee Law Firm is an attorney serving as co-counsel for Rebecca Grossman. Mr. Buzbee issued the following statement following Mrs. Grossman’s arraignment (Case#: LA 093990) in Van Nuys, CA this morning:

“Rebecca Grossman continues to mourn the loss of these two children who were lost in this tragic accident. What occurred that night was a horrible, unspeakable tragedy, but it was not murder. Traveling over the posted speed limit is simply not murder, no matter how the DA attempts to twist the facts for his own purposes.

The prosecution’s continued insistence on making this a murder case by overcharging my client, a pillar of this community, with murder is nothing more than a transparent effort to force her to plea. Such acts of gamesmanship impede progress in this important case. We won’t allow Rebecca to be bullied this way.

The facts of this case are clear: On the night of September 29, 2020, two children on roller skates and a skateboard were attempting to cross a four-lane, high-traffic, commercial road in a recreational area in the dark. The crosswalk at the accident site was on a blind curve. It was poorly marked, unguarded, and unlit. In fact, that particular crosswalk had been the subject of scores of citizen complaints for many years. The city was repeatedly asked to upgrade and make the crosswalk safer. The city was told time after time that someone would be killed if measures were not taken. The city refused to make that crosswalk safe due to financial reasons. And, worse, the city failed to warn pedestrians and motorists alike of the danger. That night, due to the darkness, lack of lighting and the color of clothing they were wearing, my client never saw those little boys.

Importantly, contrary to some misinformation that has been shared, Rebecca Grossman was not intoxicated; she has not been charged with DUI, and she certainly did not attempt to flee the scene. Instead, she was cooperative and polite with the investigating officers.

Mrs. Grossman and our whole team grieve for the Iskander family. We look forward to her having her day in court. When that happens, the public will learn that the story being told by the DA is not at all what actually happened, and that Rebecca Grossman is innocent of the horrible crimes she has been accused of. "

Tony Buzbee
The Buzbee Law Firm
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