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New ERC20 Token Celebrates Cultural Depictions of American Mafia with Decentralized Finance Applications

Launching June 6, $MAFIA will host applications and smart contracts in the DeFi ecosystem

KOSOVO, June 3, 2022 / -- A new token that promises to be an aesthetic celebration of the past century’s films and artworks depicting the American Italian mafia’s role in history will launch on Monday, June 6.

$MAFIA, an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that will launch on UniSwap, will provide a host of applications and smart contracts in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

After launch, investors will be able to stake, or lock up, their $MAFIA in different multi-month- long staking vaults, which will make them eligible to receive rewards in the form of high annual percent yields (APY).

Acquiring the token early will allow for easier accumulation of the asset, as stacking the asset will be less expensive to do at launch than after. Because the APY is compounded, there will be higher rewards over time.

The launch of the native token and staking dApp will be the first step in the rollout of the $MAFIA ecosystem, which will include:

• A private “Insiders” group on Telegram for those who stake one percent of their $MAFIA for several months. Members will have access to information about what is happening in the global DeFi market that novice investors may not necessarily be privy to. They also will be able to share opinions and collaborate on how to endure the crypto-bear market.
• An NFT collection – holding the $MAFIA token will be a prerequisite to being whitelisted for the minting of any NFT project tied to the ecosystem that the development team pursues in the future.
• A Mob Bank (Treasury) – a two-percent fee will be deducted from all sales on UniSwap and sent to a Gnosis Safe, where funds will be used for creation of future partnerships with other successful projects, as well as for investing in side projects that the team will launch either adjacent to or within the $MAFIA ecosystem.
• Gamification – upon completion of a bridge to the Binance Smart Chain, a whole ecosystem of $MAFIA-themed mini-games will be deployed. These games will facilitate the burning, or removal, of $MAFIA tokens from the overall circulating supply, increasing the value of the project and brand.
• Branding – the team foresees the $MAFIA brand growing beyond a team of decentralized marketing experts to envelop a host of celebrities, influencers and merchandise.
• An Omerta decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO – an eventual governance token, Omerta ($OMT), is in the $MAFIA roadmap. $MAFIA holders will have early access to $OMT and the governance rights it will afford holders.

The $MAFIA token and team received support from Michael Franzese, a former captain in New York’s Colombo Family mob, who said, “Your token is decentralized, which is the best way to do it. Your smart contract is audited. You’ve got the right platform and you’ve certainly got the right type of content.”

For more information about the $MAFIA token, visit, where interested investors can view $MAFIA’s decentralized application and its whitepaper, which describes $MAFIA’s purpose and long-term goals, as well as the tokens. Visitors can also gain access to $MAFIA’s Telegram, where they can speak directly with the team behind the token.

For more information about the $MAFIA token, visit

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