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“Lift and Shift” the ARM Industry: Why It Is Vital to Embrace the Change and Do It Quickly

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Collections Roundtable Webcast: Lift and Shift the ARM industry

Collections Roundtable Webcast: Lift and Shift the ARM industry

Sometimes you just have to shift and you have to change even if it's uncomfortable!”
— Harry Strausser III
CHEYENNE, WY, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2022 / -- NobelBiz just released a brand-new roundtable webcast dedicated to the Collections industry, featuring three of the most relevant presences in the space:

>> Harry Strausser III - President of Applied Innovation Inc., a second-generation Collection veteran that served as President of the Mid-Atlantic Collectors Association and continues to serve on the board of directors.

>> Jeff DiMatteo - Founder & Partner at American Profit Recovery, a long-time industry advocate currently serving as the President of the New England Collectors Association and Member of the ACA International Units and State Affairs Committee.

>> Steve Bederman - President of NobelBiz, a transformative leader, strategic planning expert, Contact Center industry innovator, and one of the most devoted friends and business partners of the Collection industry, providing cutting-edge technology and solutions for debt collection agencies and contact centers around the world.

The 17th episode of the NobelBiz Webinar Series was premiered Thursday, May 26th, 2022 / 12 pm EST | 9 am PT, and can now be accessed on-demand on the NobelBiz official website.

For this episode, the guests were challenged to talk about one of the hottest topics in Collections today: change. The goal of this lively discussion was to portray the current state of the ARM industry, identify real struggles and ways to address them, talk about trends in terms of operations, regulations, and technology, and how to make Collections more profitable with the help of technology, given the specific regulatory context.

The show’s host was Christian Montes, Executive VP of Client Operations at NobelBiz. Christian is also the host of the First Contact – Stories of the Call Center Podcast, where he interviews leaders from the contact center industry searching for new insights, tips, and stories.

Watch the entire episode to learn about:
🗸 The real context (and real struggles) of Collections today
🗸 The main trends in the ARM space – operational, legislative, technological, “human behavioral,” etc.
🗸 Collection during the pandemic – what are the lessons learned?
🗸 The ARM customer – needs, attitudes, preferences & how to approach them
🗸 Why innovation is needed in the ARM space
🗸 How can technology be a tool for progress & profitability in the ARM space
🗸 How to deal with stigma, bad reputation, and resistance – tips & tactics
🗸 Actionable steps in the transformation journey of the ARM industry

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Roundtable Promo | “Lift and Shift” the ARM Industry: Why It Is Vital to Embrace the Change and Do It Quickly!