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California Reparations Task Force Expert testifying on ACA3 - The California Abolition Act

Senator Sydney Kamlager w/ ACA3 California Abolition Act Coalition

Jamilia Land co-founder of Anti-Violence Safety and Accountability Project (left) ACA3 author California State Senator Sydney Kamlager (right)

Chris Lodgson/ CJEC (left) Kamilah Moore/ California Reparation Task Force Committee Chair (center) Samual N. Brown/ ASAP co-founder ACA3 coalition co-chair

Constitutional Amendment to remove involuntary servitude from state constitution supported by testimony and resolution from California Reparations Task Force

I'm on reparations and this should be apart of it!"”
— CA Assemblymember Reginald B. Jones-Sawyer Sr.
SACRAMENTO, CA, USA, May 30, 2022 / -- On Tuesday May 31, 2022 at 1:30pm on the West steps of the California State Capitol, The California Abolition Act Coalition along with The California Reparations Task Force, legislators and bill co-sponsors will hold a press conference prior to the scheduled Senate Public Safety hearing at 3pm. Samual Nathaniel Brown, author of the proposal that is now Assembly Constitutional Amendment 3 (authored by Senator Sydney Kamlager) will be providing expert testimony during the hearing along with Chris Lodgson of the California Reparations Task Force committee. Mr. Brown is co-chair of the coalition and wrote the proposal for ACA3 in November of 2020 while still serving a life sentence inside California's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Mr. Brown was released on December 20, 2021 after serving 24 years. Chris Lodgson, lead organizer for the California Reparations Task Force Committee will also provide expert testimony and present a resolution in support of the passage of ACA3 as part of the larger reparations conversation. Additional speakers to include coalition chair Jamilia Land, Max Parthas director of state operations for Abolish Slavery National Network, Sonia Lewis (ASCRIBE), Angelique Evans (Sister Warriors Freedom Coalition), Allegra Taylor (Village Advocates) April Grayson (Young Women's Freedom Center) Esteban Nunez (Anti-Recidivism Coalition) and Kamilah Moore (chair of California Reparations Task Force).

ACA3 is sponsored by the California Abolition Act Coalition:

Anti-Violence Safety and Accountability Project (ASAP)
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Sister Warriors Freedom Coalition
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The Village Advocates
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