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A Car Fuel Error: How To React?

dépannage voiture

dépannage voiture

Have you poured gasoline into a diesel or vice versa in your new car or in a rental vehicle? Here are the steps to follow to avoid costly repairs.

PARIS, ILE DE FRANCE, FRANCE, May 27, 2022 / -- The error is human, and even more so when you are dizzy. Getting the wrong fuel can happen to anyone, especially when changing vehicles recently, a careless error can quickly occur. The consequences of such an error will not be the same depending on the type of car and the fuel.

Gasoline in a diesel car :

The cleaning power of gasoline undermines all the lubricating work of diesel by destroying the protective film necessary for the proper functioning of the diesel injection system. You should know that your diesel engine has a "tolerance" to gasoline that depends on the season and the vehicle in question. In winter, the tolerance is around 15% compared to 10% in other seasons and barely 3% for common rail diesels of the DCi, HDi type, oil change is inevitable. This rate exists for a simple reason, to prevent diesel from freezing. In cold countries, there is always a percentage of gasoline in diesel.

If the percentage of gasoline in the tank exceeds these limits, it is strongly recommended to drain it. The critical point is reached when the engine starts to hiccup and emits violent rattles.

Diesel in a gasoline engine :

While misfueling in this direction is just as risky, breakdown is inevitable. If diesel is put in a gasoline engine, it will also be necessary to drain beyond 10%. Below this limit, the car hiccups, smokes, then resumes normal activity.

In addition, you should also know that this fuel error which consists of putting diesel in a petrol engine is only possible with a non-catalyzed petrol car. You should also know that it is impossible to put diesel in a catalyzed petrol car, the diameters not being the same, the diesel nozzle is too large.

Fuel error: useful tips

As soon as you realize the mistake you made:

- Do not start your vehicle anymore. Because as long as you do not start your engine, it does not suffer.
- If you only notice the error after starting (for abnormal engine noise), stop as soon as possible and do not start your vehicle again;
- Push your car to release the pump;
- Be extra vigilant when emptying the tank, because the mixture between gasoline and diesel is highly flammable and the risk of explosion is not negligible. The mixture can also cause major engine and fuel system damage, leading to high repair costs.
- Ask the gas station employees if they are equipped to deal with this type of problem. Otherwise, call a convenience store or a car towing service (dépannage auto) to bring it to the nearest garage to suck the bad fuel from the tank.

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