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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Shortage May Hit RVers This Summer

As any RVer knows, diesel exhaust fluid is essential for keeping your rig on the road.

ARCADIA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2022 / -- As any RVer knows, diesel exhaust fluid is essential for keeping your rig on the road. DEF helps to reduce emissions and keep your engine running smoothly. However, global supply chain problems are making it difficult to get DEF, and the situation is only getting worse. Many RVers are already having difficulty finding DEF, and the problem is expected to get worse in the coming months. This could mean that many people will be forced to cancel their travel plans or take their rigs off the road altogether.

The Impact On Full Time RVers

Full-time RVers and those who enjoy spending their weekends on the open road are all too familiar with “limp mode.” This is when a vehicle’s computer detects an issue with the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) system and shuts down the engine to prevent damage. While this can be a frustrating experience, it’s usually resolved by topping off the DEF tank and restarting the engine. However, there may soon be a bigger problem to worry about. A worldwide shortage of the primary ingredient in DEF, urea, is looming. And while this may not sound like a big deal, it could have a significant impact on the RV industry. If American RVers can’t get their hands on DEF, they may not be able to hit the open road. So, if you’re planning a trip in the near future, make sure to stock up on DEF.

Stuart & Melissa Crawford who work full time from their RV while running Ulistic, a digital marketing firm that specializes with Managed IT service providers in Canada and the United States, recently shared a YouTube video addressing the potential challenges with DEF Fluid on their YouTube channel.

Prices Of DEF Starting To Rise

As the trucking and agricultural industries continue to grow, the demand for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) has increased significantly. However, this growth has not been matched by an increase in supply, and as a result, prices have started to rise. This is bad news for RVers, who rely on DEF to help keep their engines running smoothly. If the price of DEF continues to increase, it could lead to more frequent failures of the emission control system.

As any RVer knows, the DEF light on the dashboard is not something to be taken lightly. That blinking light means that the vehicle is low on diesel exhaust fluid, and if the level gets too low, the vehicle will be restricted to a speed of just 5 mph. This can be a major inconvenience for RVers who are used to being able to travel at their own pace. However, it looks like this may become a more frequent problem in the near future.

Prices for DEF are already on the rise, and with agriculture and trucking being the principal users of this product, there is a danger that supplies will dwindle. This could leave RVers struggling to find enough DEF to keep their vehicles running properly. So, if you're an RVer, it's time to start stocking up on diesel exhaust fluid. Who knows how long it will be before prices start to skyrocket.

Good News In The US?

The U.S. may be better off than many countries when it comes to urea, a derivative of ammonia. That's because Canada provides much of our urea supply. However, as worldwide shipping and production pipelines constrict, high-volume users could start a bidding war or hoard supplies, leading to empty shelves at auto parts and big-box stores. Adding to the threat: hurricanes have damaged many Gulf Coast plants.

Now is the time for RVers to lay in a good supply of DEF and take care when storing it. The best way to store DEF is in the original containers, away from temperature fluctuations. It is important to keep the jug caps tightly closed to prevent evaporation and contamination. When possible, RVers should top off their DEF tanks at truck stops that sell in bulk.

Don't Do This!

The old wives’ tale of peeing in your DEF tank is nothing more than a myth. Human urine does not contain the correct urea content for use in a diesel engine, and it also contains additional compounds and ions that can damage the SCR system. In addition, human urine is much more concentrated than DEF, which can actually cause problems with the engine. So if you're ever tempted to try this old wives' tale, just remember that it's not worth the risk.

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Potential DEF Shortage To Hit RVers This Summer