LogicalDOC DMS Now Acquires Four Sourceforge Awards

LogicalDOC DMS receives 4 awards from SourceForge

LogicalDOC is Open Source Excellence on SourceForge.png

SourceForge bestows four outstanding awards to LogicalDOC DMS, honoring the high-quality services it has provided for over a decade.

Out of 500,000 competitors, the awards we got were an incredible honor for the brand, and we take pride in contributing to a future of a free digital world.”
— Alessandro Gasparini
FAIR LAWN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- An exciting development in the history of the document management industry, SourceForge has recognized the excellence and awarded LogicalDOC DMS with four quality assurance awards. This achievement is another sigh of relief for the people who have difficulty trusting a Document Management System (DMS).
What is SourceForge? This platform is the world's largest and most reliable software comparison directory. The comparison directory serves roughly 30 million monthly users and offers user reviews, product comparisons, software recommendations, and more.
The objective of SourceForge is to assist businesses in locating the finest software for their needs and budget. Companies can choose from an extensive range of software tools, with products in practically every category and specialization, each providing a somewhat different function.

“The awards are a big motivation for us as a team because excellence and reliability are the main elements LogicalDOC DMS strives for as an open-source project,” founder LogicalDOC DMS expressed. “Out of 500,000 competitors, the awards we got were an incredible honor for the brand, and we take pride in contributing to a future of a free digital world. LogicalDOC takes care and maintains all the user information with utmost security, our Community Edition (AKA LogicalDOC CE) began fourteen years ago, and every day is another new achievement for the team.”

LogicalDOC DMS has won the awards that the SourceForge community extends only to those brands and projects that have achieved certain milestones and have a particular level of user engagement. Here is the list of awards that LogicalDOC DMS has won until now during their fourteen-year successful service management:

1- Open Source Excellence Award for LogicalDOC
The Open Source Excellence badge is proof that 100,000 users have downloaded this software or managed the milestone of 10,000 monthly downloads for the first time.

2- The Community Leader Badge
The award is meant for open source projects that have 50,000 total downloads on their account.

3- LogicalDOC now has the Community Choice Badge
The Community Choice badge is for systems that have 10,000 total downloads from users.

4- LogicalDOC - The SourceForge Favorite
The SourceForge Favorite is the badge that open source projects get when they reach 2,000 monthly downloads.

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