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ItzMade4Me Co-founders Create Vegan Certified, Gluten-Free 2-N-1 Hair and Skin Moisturizers That Instantly Moisturize

ItzMade4Me Co-founders

ItzMade4Me Co-founders Michelle Stone and Shawndasha Hall

Instantly Moisturize From Head to Toes with This 2-N-1 Vegan Certified, Gluten-Free Hair and Skin Moisturizer

Moisturize From Your Head to Your Toes”
— ItzMade4Me
MIDDLETOWN, NY, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2022 / -- Meet Michelle Stone and Shawndasha Hall who own and operate ItzMade4Me based in Middletown, NY, where they produce natural plant-based 2-N-1 Hair and Skin moisturizers that keep flying off the shelf. Many who love and use their moisturizers and soaps asked, how did such amazing products come about? The answer to that is: Michelle Stone, one of the co-founders was diagnosed with Celiac and found that although she was no longer eating things with gluten, she was continuing to have breakouts on her skin. She began her search for gluten-free hair and skincare products but they were nearly impossible to find. Shawndasha Hall, the other co-founder was on the road to veganism and was in search of moisturizers that did not contain animal products or animal by-products. This led the two co-founders to work together to create moisturizers that were free of animal products, animal by-products, and gluten. Through their quest to cure a need that they had, they were able to help so many others who had one or both of the same needs which were to find a vegan moisturizer, gluten-free moisturizer, or both.

New customers were also eager to find out what all the buzz was about and inquired about the benefits of ItzMade4Me moisturizers. The benefits of ItzMade4Me Moisturizers coming out of Orange County, in Middletown, NY is that they help to save the consumers money, especially in a time when inflation is high and it helps those with dry, itchy skin. When you purchase an ItzMade4Me Moisturizer, you are purchasing a product that can be used as a hair moisturizer and a skin moisturizer. This means that the consumer is free from purchasing a hair care moisturizer and a skincare moisturizer separately. Data showed that many people were spending upwards of $67 on hair care products monthly and $65 on skincare products monthly. That is a total of $132 on average that people spend trying to care for their hair and skin monthly.

ItzMade4Me has one cost for their 2-N-1 Moisturizers that meet both the hair care and skincare need for less than the average monthly cost usually spent by the American consumers. ItzMade4Me Moisturizers also help individuals that may be suffering from dry skin, itchy skin, or both. The co-founders of ItzMade4Me helped to create a moisturizer that moisturizes the skin and the hair instantly.

One of their best-kept secrets is that ItzMade4Me Moisturizers can be used to moisturize the lips.

Michelle Stone and Shawndasha Hall started with one moisturizer, ItzShea, and now have a total of five moisturizers which include its best-seller MangShea. Their five-star moisturizers can be found at and also on The co-founders also shared a video of one of their customers using their MangShea moisturizer to help moisturize their dry skin. The results were evident.

You can visit to learn more about the amazing moisturizers Michelle Stone and Shawndasha Hall are bringing the consumers nationally and internationally.

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