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Armada Power Introduces Outdoor Grid Optimizer

Outdoor Controller

Armada Power's outdoor controller features a NEMA 4X waterproof design that allows it to be placed outdoors with no performance degradation.

Armada Power Logo

Armada Power is a transformative technology company that manufactures and incorporates smart technologies into a secure platform.

Armada Power adds NEMA 4X waterproof option to its line of transformative water heater control technology

COLUMBUS, OH, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2022 / -- Armada Power, an Ohio-based energy technology company that empowers cooperatives and utilities to use their customers’ electric water heaters as energy storage and grid resilience resources without compromising the availability of hot water, has announced an expansion of its line of water heater control technology.

The new product bolsters the company’s lineup of Grid Optimizers, the patented controller system that when attached to an electric water heater unlocks a myriad of grid and consumer benefits. The new controller features a NEMA 4X waterproof design that allows it to be placed outdoors with no performance degradation. The waterproof controller is available in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular LTE configurations.

Deployed across ten U.S. states and Canada, the controller is connected to Armada Power’s cyber-secure, enterprise software platform to effectively convert an electric-resistive water heater into a low-cost, rapid-response, energy storage asset. Sensors ensure hot water availability and allow the system to quickly detect leaks, burned-out elements, and other tank anomalies.

Designed to help solve some of the grid’s most pressing concerns, the waterproof Grid Optimizer is five times more cost-effective than batteries per kWh and supports an array of grid applications including demand response, thermal energy storage, energy arbitrage, renewables firming, time-of-use optimization, fast frequency regulation, cold load pickup support, and droop control.

About Armada Power: Armada Power is a technology and software company that incorporates behind-the-meter, thermal storage technology into a secure platform that allows for millisecond grid response for demand, circuit, voltage, and load controls. Armada Power avoids high-carbon generation sources in real time by soaking up excess renewable energy on the grid, effectively transforming the second largest residential energy load device into a zero-carbon storage asset. Follow the company on LinkedIn or Twitter (@PowerArmada), or for more information visit our website at For more information on Armada Power contact Paul Lekan at

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