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Fit4Mii Fitaverse Set To Launch Crypto Currency on Etherium Network

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Fit4Mii Fitaverse Introduces It's Own Crypto Currency to reward members for working on their health and fitness

ARNHEM, GELDERLAND, NETHERLANDS, May 20, 2022 / -- Fit4Mii Fitaverse™ is creating a crypto currency which will provide another pay-out method in the rewards scheme for Fit4Mii members. Currently Fit4Mii already has scheme that pays out rewards when members subscribe to live fitness classes or purchase on-demand packages. Now Fit4Mii will also expand to rewarding those who encourage people to improve their fitness levels by referring others to the Fitaverse.

"Since the pandemic, we really felt that we need to find a method to encourage people to focus on their wellness -whether that is nutrition, fitness, mental health and beyond. Everything is interlinked, and helping others to understand their bodies, helps us all to stay healthier and more resilient to viruses." -Cassia King, CEO and Founder, Fit4Mii Fitaverse™.

The crypto currency will be called FitXii (FIT) on Binance™, or by requesting a withdrawal of the crypto from Fit4Mii Fitaverse™. The crypto can be earned by referring people to Fit4Mii classes and services. Fit4Mii also provides the option to recieve cash-back on purchases and redeem rewards against the cost of products and services.

"Our clients and partners are based globally, and we want to provide value and variety in our reward redemptions, so adding in a crypto seemed to make sense. Especially as we have had member requests to establish a crypto. Unlike some crypto currencies, people must pay to recieve their crypto currency, whereas FitXii can be earned just by encouraging others to look after their health and fitness" King went on to say.

Cassia continues "We provide full training and support for those who wish to earn Fit4Mii rewards, and earning a reward can be as simple as reposting one of our social posts to your own social media"

With an increased focus on health improvement, Fit4Mii Fitaverse™ is focused on ensuring that services are diverse and accessible to the masses.

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