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Hoyer Remarks at Press Conference Marking 25 Years of the New Democrat Coalition

WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) joined Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA-12), New Democrat Coalition Chair Rep. Suzan DelBene (WA-01), and New Democrat Coalition Members at a press conference celebrating the 25th anniversary of the New Democrat Coalition. Founded in 1997, the New Democrat Coalition is the largest Democratic Caucus in the House of Representatives with an agenda focused on growing our economy, spurring innovation, and strengthening American global leadership. Below is a transcript of his remarks:


“Thank you, Congresswoman [DelBene], I appreciate it very much. I was otherwise detained, but I knew that I wanted to get here before you closed, because I believe that the New Dems are such an important part of our Caucus, our Democratic Caucus, such extraordinary vision for the future. That's really what the New Dems have been focused on: the future. They've been focused on growing jobs For The People, and making sure that we were the successful economic enterprise that America has meant, not to our own people, but to the rest of the world.  So, I want to congratulate all the leadership and all the Members of the New Dems who I feel very, very close to because they are focused on getting a job done for America and For The People. They have been very successful in that focus. So I want to thank the New Democrats for a quarter of a century of positive leadership for America, positive leadership for the Congress, and positive participation in the Democratic Caucus. They have and continue to make a real difference.

“We have a bill that we just talked about, the [America] COMPETES bill, which is focused on making sure that Americans Make It In America, that we create the kinds of jobs, we create the kind of self-sufficiency that's necessary so that we are not relying on the unreliable sources of materials to grow our economy. CHIPS is a perfect example of that. This group has been one of the strongest supporters of the COMPETES bill, or USICA as the Senate has called it. I want to thank all of you, because it will make and is making a difference for America.

“I'm glad I got opportunity – I got a speech here, but I'm not going to give it because I knew what I wanted to say about the New Dems. They are an extraordinary group of people. I want to remind everybody, they're not all the same kind of thinker. You can't target them as conservative or progressives or whatever and they take the gamut. Some of them are progressive, some of them are more conservative. What they all are, they share in common an understanding that we need to grow our economy, keep our economy vibrant and vital for our people, so that they will have jobs can support their families, and that they will have the benefits and opportunities that they need.

“That is why the New Democrats are so effective because they're focused on getting results For The People. Thank you very much for allowing me to work with you. I'm not a member of the New Dems, but then again, I'm not a member of any of the parts of the party because of course, I'm the Majority Leader of all of our Caucuses, but I so enjoy working with the New Dems because they're so oriented on getting things done. Thank you.”