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Study Verifies that New Behavidence Mobile App Can Accurately Identify and Track Depressive Behavior

Behavidence App

Behavidence Founders: Dr. Girish Srinivasan, Dr. Janine Ellenberger and Roy Cohen

App Uses AI to Predict Depressive Behavior with 87 Percent Accuracy

Mobile monitoring of mental conditions has long been a sought-after metric to overcome the problems associated with the screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of depression”
— Dr. Janine Ellenberger
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, US, May 18, 2022 / -- A recent study has confirmed that new mobile app technology from Behavidence, a leading biotechnology startup company that monitors psychiatric and neurological disorders using artificial intelligence, is 87 percent accurate in predicting depressive behavior. The results of the study, titled “A Machine Learning Approach Detecting Digital Behavioural Patterns of Depression Using Non-intrusive Smartphone Data - A Complementary Path to PHQ-9 Assessment: A Prospective Observational Study,” show that the current methods and diagnostic criteria for assessing depression can be coupled with Behavidence’s data-based mental well-being scores—called Similarity Scores—to accurately identify and track depressive behavior and its progression.

The Behavidence app generates a Similarity Score for an individual to show how closely their digital behavior relates to other people with ADHD, depression, or anxiety. The score is generated based on a smart algorithm and serves to help evaluate the onset, progression, and relapse of mental health.

The recent study was performed using machine learning models trained on different levels of depression severity and measured through a patient questionnaire. “Mobile monitoring of mental conditions has long been a sought-after metric to overcome the problems associated with the screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of depression and its heterogeneous presentation,” said Dr. Janine Ellenberger, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Behavidence.

“The current ubiquity of smartphones and the ample data available for each individual is now allowing us to generate digital behavioral models that can be used for both clinical and remote screening and monitoring purposes. Behavidence has now reached the point where we can provide a scalable solution for the pressing global need for early and effective mental health solutions.”

About Behavidence:
Behavidence develops machine learning-based tools to detect and assist with remote monitoring and management of mental health conditions through passive digital biomarkers. The company was founded by a neuroscientist, neuropsychologist, physician, and bioengineer with the passion to improve the lives of millions suffering from psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Founded in 2020, Behavidence now offers multiple digital phenotyping models that can predict disorders, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. These digital phenotyping solutions have been adopted by health organizations, tech, commercial, and government entities. The Behavidence products can be used as a measurement-based outcome to monitor employee burnout and stress, predict relapsing of conditions, and perform screening and remote monitoring for clinical interventions and comorbid conditions.

“Our research continues to demonstrate the value that Behavidence’s Similarity Score can provide to large healthcare organizations and individuals by helping assess a user’s mental and emotional state,” said Roy Cohen, CEO of Behavidence.

“We anticipate an increased deployment of our technology in a clinical setting as a screening and remote monitoring tool, and we are thrilled that it is being adopted on so many devices across the globe.”

The full study, including methodology and results, is available here.

Founded in 2020 by Cohen, Dr. Girish Srinivasan, and Dr. Janine Ellenberger, Behavidence tracks and monitors the mental and emotional state of its users based on their digital usage patterns. Through its proprietary technology and algorithms, Behavidence can delineate the changes in its users’ state of mind without needing identifiable information or monitoring private content or information. Behavidence has recently completed a $4.3 million seed round led by Welltech Ventures, featuring Arc Impact and Longevity Ventures. Behavidence clients include the Department of Veterans Affairs, Discovery Health Insurance, and Essen Health Care.

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