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The Kidney RD Completes Major Rebranding to Kidney Nutrition Institute for Cutting-Edge Renal Nutrition

White woman with glasses and short, brown hair, seated facing camera in a white room.

Jessianna Saville, MS, RDN, CSR, LD, CLT -- Founder & CEO of KNI

Red lettering spelling "kidney" with blue lettering under spelling "Nutrition Institute". To the left is a multicolored, rounded pentagon symbol.

Red lettering spelling "Renal Nutrition Mastery", with smaller text beneath "Powered by KNI".

No longer just a private practice renal dietitian, the Kidney Nutrition Institute actively expands renal nutrition therapy for powerful patient outcomes.

Patients want better solutions in kidney care. It's time for renal dietitians to advance therapy for CKD and PKD through industry collaboration, research, and cutting-edge nutrition strategies.”
— Jessianna Saville, CEO & Founder KNI
TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2022 / -- The Kidney RD announced today completion of a major rebranding. The new brand, Kidney Nutrition Institute, reflects the progress of the organization from private practice to thought-leaders, expert innovators, consultants, and educators to both renal professionals and patients.

Jessianna Saville founded The Kidney RD in 2014 as a single-provider private practice for early-stage CKD patients. In an effort to find better renal nutrition training and impactful resources for her clients, she created her own. The business has grown to include 13 dietitians, 5 office staff, a robust Renal Education Library and catalog of Renal Nutrition Mastery Courses. Over time, the urgency for nutrition advocacy in the renal and nephrology space became more apparent, leading to the expansion of the Kidney RD mission and need for rebranding.

The change to Kidney Nutrition Institute reflects the shift from a solo practice to an organization, and an expansion of services for patients and organizations. Added in will be a focus on research into new nutrition strategies to slow kidney disease progression. The rebrand includes a new KNI logo and websites at and

“There is a great need for advanced solutions in kidney care. Patients are demanding solutions to avoid or delay dialysis or transplant. It is time for renal dietitians, like us, to advance treatment of CKD and PKD through industry collaboration, research, and cutting-edge nutrition strategies.”

About Kidney Nutrition Institute
Kidney Nutrition Institute is a dynamic collection of renal nutrition experts, solving the over-burden of kidney disease on the healthcare system through preventative interventions with optimal renal nutrition and education to renal healthcare teams. Visit to explore the new website, brand, and offerings.

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