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Houston Handyman Turns Up The Heat On Summer Savings With Early Bird Special For Hot Water Heater Replacements

Summer Sale- Early Bird Gets The Water Heater For Hundreds Less Until 06/21/22

Texan Home Solutions- Service On A Whole New Level

Texian Home Solutions Unleash Summer Savings Promo with Early Bird Deal On Hot Water Replace, Install, Warranty, and Disposal of Old Unit- 1,197

Our goal here at Texian Home Solutions is to give the best quality service at the lowest price possible to homeowners. I think our "Early Bird- Water Heater Special" will show Commitment.”
— Todd Fowler
HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, May 16, 2022 / -- No one likes it when their plumbing goes out or floods or when a water heater calls it quits. But it’s something has to deal with to get on with life. So, when we do have to address home hazards like floods, Water heaters, and leaks, it’s always a bit nicer when courtesy and quick service. Founder of Texian Home Solutions states “Our goal here at Texian Home Solutions is to give the best quality service at the lowest price possible to Houston homeowners.”

A Houston man who runs a local business called Texian Home Solutions, is a home repair and emergency services specialist who has operated from 100% referrals in-home repairs of all kinds. Nicknamed McGyver as a young boy; his ability to fix things has developed into another nickname called "The Handyman". In his former life as a military Pilot, Fowler has designed/built, and flown Airplanes of all types.

Fowler states I enjoy working with my hands. I find it therapeutic to help homeowners solve their problems. To see their faces filled with relief and big smiles after I turn that faucet on and let them see and feel that their hot water has been restored."

Fowler Continues. “I try to stay within 15 minutes from the zip codes around my office. This planning allows me to get to virtually any home within 20 zip codes in less than an hour. The way we see it is that if Your Hot Water Tank Is Out, we treat it like an emergency. It's that time of year when summer is creeping up. Houston is humid and people like their showers and baths as muggy as it gets, not to mention clean laundry and dishes. Hot water is instrumental to hygiene and people are miserable without it. So, my goal is to save homeowners in my immediate area hundreds if not thousands of dollars and encourage folks with hot water heaters 10-15 years old to replace them before it goes out-before summer is in full swing. Unfortunately, due to Murphy's law and other factors- Summertime is when it's the hottest, when the heater goes out, and when it's most expensive and few people are available to do the replacement and installation.

Fowler says, I give Houston Homeowners the best price possible on both the cost of the physical unit as well as the installation of the new water heater and the removal and disposal of the old unit. I test the heater with the homeowner and make sure they know it’s working properly before we leave. In addition, I warranty my service and the parts. People Can't Believe I can offer the pricing I do and still provide this level of service. I'm a former Marine and efficiency is a big part of what I internalized there.

Fowler keeps his sense of humor despite the many situations.” Life Happens. Things need to be fixed or replaced. I keep my sense of humor because, by the time I show up on the scene, often my customers are stressed and irritable. I want the homeowners to know everything is going to be all right. Whatever the problem is, we are going to fix it...everything is going to be just fine.

Fowler continues, "When it comes to making things work, Texian Home Solutions can do quite a bit more than what one might expect from a Handyman Or Plumbing Service."

Todd Fowler
Texian Home Solutions
+1 281-732-8001

Texian Home Solutions Offers Up Summer Special Until June 21st, 2022. Water Heater Replacement prior to 1st Day Of Summer and Get Install, Warranty -All In One!