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EvalRight Launches Employment Screening & Background Checks Service

A Quick Solution to Improve Your Quality of Hire

AURORA, ILLINOIS , USA, May 12, 2022 / -- EvalRight announces the launch of Employment Screening & Background Checks Service, that helps employers to ensure candidate/workforce quality.

What is Pre-Employment Screening?

Pre-employment screening is an evolving best practice that includes a series of assessments and tests to allow a potential employer in verifying the accuracy of the information provided by applicants and verify their associated records. The main goal of conducting a pre-employment screening is to find out if an applicant is a right match for the organizational culture and the job profile, and can be trusted with the confidential information or resources they will be handling for the role.

Pre-employment screening involves verification of a wide range of records, including but not limited to, criminal record screening, SSN (social security number) checks, public records screening, credit history screening, employment verification, credential screening, and so on.

Who Can Use Pre-employment Screening?

Pre-employment screening and background checks can be used by any organization that is willing to hire a potential candidate for any particular role or requirement.

When to Use Pre-employment Screening?

Typically, the optimal time for organizations to conduct background checks is after a conditional job offer has been discussed with the candidate, but before their existing employment is completed. However, some organizations may also prefer to do background checks on all applicants that are interviewed.

So, it is totally the employer’s call to decide at what stage of the hiring process would they want to conduct background checks. An organization can either have a dedicated in-house team to conduct background verification checks or tie up with a third party that specializes in the domain. Ideally, the latter is recommended in order to get fast and accurate results.

Why Should You Use Pre-employment Screening?

Adopting pre-employment screening as a part of the hiring process has the following added benefits:

#1. Provides Better Hiring Quality:

Conducting employment screening improves hiring quality. It assures that the person you're recruiting is trustworthy and perfect to the job role.

#2. Protects the Business From Future Harm:

Employee screening will easily identify fraud candidates and helps to eliminate these candidates from the hiring process. This protects the organization from loss of money, time, resources, and valuable brand reputation.

#3. Improves Regulatory Compliance:

State and federal regulatory obligations differ by position and state. Your organization may face fines and continuous legal troubles if you don't have a background screening policy in place. Hence, conducting a pre-employment screening helps you achieve regulatory compliance and save your organization from any legal troubles.

#4. Reduces Employee Turnover:

The more information you have about an applicant at the time of hiring, the easier it is for you to reduce the chances of making a wrong decision and hence, your employee turnover rate.

#5. Helps in Building a Positive Work Environment:

A wrong candidate, if hired, may adversely impact the environment of the organization, eventually leading to frustrated and unproductive employees. Pre-employment screening helps avoid this situation.

About EvalRight:

EvalRight is an employment screening & background verification company that offers the fastest, most accurate, and budget-friendly background screening process.

Founded in 2022, EvalRight helps you to accelerate your hiring process and ensures that you hire the best candidates that do not have an unethical past or discrepancies.

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