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Businesses can now subscribe to personalized content marketing plans in order to drive organic growth and revenue through product-led SEO.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, May 18, 2022 / -- Global markets and MADX clients welcome a new SEO content service that aims to improve the online presence of SaaS, Web 3.0. and green tech clients. MADX expects to tackle a surging demand with a tested and tried content production process. Every client will receive a dedicated manager and a team of professional content researchers, writers, and publishers. Each team will be on a central mission of growing the client’s business through product-lead SEO

Businesses can now subscribe to personalized content marketing plans in order to drive organic growth and revenue.

The London-based marketing agency, MADX Digital announced its launch of a special content marketing service that uses principles of product-lead SEO to maximize online visibility. The innovative approach has been described as “highly effective and remarkable for online growth.”

Toni Koraza, the CEO of MADX, believes it will be a game-changer for online businesses in how they create personalized user journeys and distribute revenue-driving content.

“We are excited to introduce a subscription-based Content Marketing service that has the client’s business goals at the heart of its efforts. The entire dedicated team works in concert with the developers, customer success, and product teams to create the best-in-class user experience and drive revenue for the client. As a result, our clients have tripled organic growth and improved user acquisition in the first three months of working with MADX.”

The groundbreaking marketing service Is fully integrated with modern tools, including Ahrefs, MADX SEO editor, SurferSEO, Google Search Console, Google Data Studio, and dozens of other analytical and technical tools.

Clients can take full advantage of the MADX expertise, deploying the carefully curated tools to drive organic traffic, improve user acquisition and stay ahead of the competition at all times. Visit our Learn section to find the latest news on digital marketing and product-lead SEO.

Toni Koraza

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MADX Digital is a marketing agency that offers unique SEO Content services. We work with your developers, customer success, and product teams to drive the best marketing performance, improved user experience, and drive revenue. For more information about MADX, visit

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"MADX has helped us drive great SEO results. We highly recommend them!" Dennis Kelly, Postalytics CEO.

Toni Koraza
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