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Venezuelan Businessman Guillermo Benzecry Announces Opening of Office in Florida

Benzecry lauded for multiple accomplishments in Venezuela

FLORIDA , UNITED STATES, May 11, 2022 / -- Business expert, analyst and developer Guillermo Benzecry is thrilled to announce he has started his consultancy services in Florida after completing numerous landmarking projects in Venezuela and receiving prestigious recognition as a businessman for his remarkable work.

The mayors of El Hatillo and Baruta, Venezuela, have recognized that Benzecry assisted the officials and departments of those cities for the last 15 years in the analysis and development of a major project where he made a diagnosis of all public educational institutions in the municipality and identified their most important needs of infrastructure, implements and necessary supplies.

For this work, the mayor of El Hatillo wrote, “the public education sector improved significantly as a result of Mr. Benzecry's project. The systems he created and implemented have been maintained to this day and continue to show applaudable and transcendental results.” He added, “we can confirm that Mr. Benzecry made a significant contribution to the business and industrial sector of this administrative division of the State of Miranda, Venezuela. For his contributions, we grant him a recognition of excellence.” For his contributions, Benzecry received different mayor’s proclamations.

Benzecry also received recognition of excellence from Juan Guaido, the interim president of Venezuela, for contributions to the development of the country’s business sector – both nationally and internationally. In recognizing Benzecry, Guaido wrote, “I am writing to you in order to express on behalf of the Venezuelan people, and on my own behalf, our sincere appreciation for your historic work as a member of the Ad-Hoc Board of the Venezuelan Petroleum Corporation. The function that you have performed to preserve the future of the Nation has been carried out with the highest standards of responsibility, nationalism and professional ethics within the framework of your civic and constitutional duties. The achievement of this objective will be recognized by the Republic.”

Benzecry is also responsible for developing and leading the only water bottling companies in the country to work with recycled bottles, making them pioneers on environmental, social and governance in Venezuela.

In a February 2022 letter, Jorge Makriniotis, general manager of El Nacional newspaper, noted, “In 2016, the company C.A. EMBOTELLADORA VISTA HERMOSA received [the Pyme Industrial del Ano] award for the tremendous impact it had in creating jobs and opportunities, as well for the contribution to the bottled drinking industry, which was a project led by its leader Guillermo Benzecry, nationally recognized businessman known for his distinction as business analyst and developer.”

More information about Benzecry, visit his LinkedIn page atés-benzecry-izaguirre-9b8b50203.


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