F&I Net Profit of 4% On Unit Sales Is The Least To Be Expected By Marine Dealers

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F&I NET Profit and F&I GROSS Profit Are Not The Same - NET Profit Should Be At Least 4% Of Unit Sales With 100% Turnover

WATKINSVILLE, GA, USA, May 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- In Marine F&I, you should expect a Gross F&I Profit of 5% on Unit Sales. This includes Protective Product Sales

At a level of 5% F&I Gross Profit, it is fair to expect an F&I Net Profit of 4% or better. Dealer Profit Services is proud to announce that through April of 2022, it has delivered a 4%+ Net F&I Profit to its dealers who are doing 100% Turnover.

Myril Shaw, COO of Dealer Profit Services, says, “4% + F&I F&I Net Profit on Unit Sales is what we do. We are proud and excited to be delivering these results to our dealers. With our processes and our dedication to delivering great results, we can and will continue to deliver industry-leading F&I Profit results to the Marine industry. We do not believe that this is an anomalous result, we know that it is predictable and replicable.”

Dealer Profit Services for the Marine Industry focuses on delivering high quality results with speed and reliability. By splitting its processes into three distinct areas, application processing, and loan approval, end-customer interaction with loan profit and protective product maximization, and contract generation and processing, allows for maximum expertise in all areas. This approach leads the industry in profit delivery.

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