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Pocket Wanderings Reveals the Most Popular Vacation Destinations with Americans

Vegas takes the top spot for the most searched for vacation destination by Americans, followed by both Hawaii and the Maldives.

When it comes to popular international vacation destinations, we are seeing a trend for exotic and paradisiacal locations, hinting at our collective desire for escapism following the pandemic.”
— Jessie Moore
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 9, 2022 / -- Pocket Wanderings is excited to release their list of top destination spots for Americans planning a vacation.

Search data collated by travel brand Pocket Wanderings has revealed the most searched for vacation destinations by Americans. In the top spot is Vegas with 33,100 monthly searches for ‘Vegas vacation’. This is followed by ‘Hawaii vacation’ and ‘Maldives vacation’ (both 27,100 monthly searches each), making these the most sought-after vacation destinations in 2022.

The next most popular vacation searches are Bora Bora and Europe, with both ‘bora bora vacation’ and ‘european vacation’ bringing in nearly 15,000 monthly searches each. In terms of popular US cities and states as vacation destinations, Vegas is by far the most popular destination, with Hawaii in second place, followed by Florida and then Colorado and Montana.

Most popular worldwide vacation destinations (monthly search volume):
1. Vegas vacation (33,100)
2. Hawaii vacation (27,100)
3. Maldives vacation (27,100)
4. Bora Bora vacation (14,800)
5. European vacation (14,800)
6. Florida vacation (9,900)
7. Greece vacation (9,900)
8. Puerto Rico vacation (9,900)
9. Bahamas vacation (8,100)
10. Belize vacation (8,100)
11. Costa Rica vacation (8,100)

Most popular US cities & states as vacation destinations (monthly search volume):
1. Vegas vacation (33,100)
2. Hawaii vacation (27,100)
3. Florida vacation (9,900)
4. Colorado vacation (4,400)
5. Montana vacation (4,400)
6. California vacation (3,600)
7. Maine vacation (3,600)
8. Miami vacation (3,600)
9. Myrtle Beach vacation (3,600)
10. Orlando vacation (3,600)
11. Tahiti vacation (3,600)
12. Tennessee vacation (3,600)
13. Texas vacation (3,600)

‘Vegas vacation’ is over three times as searched for as ‘Florida vacation’ highlighting its notable popularity as a vacation destination amongst Americans. While the Maldives has cemented itself as by far the most desirable foreign vacation destination with Americans.

The data has been collated from SEMRush and is based on monthly searches in the US. The top 100 most searched for vacation destinations can be provided on request.

About Pocket Wanderings: Pocket Wanderings is a luxury travel brand by Pocket Digital Group Ltd. Based in London, UK, Pocket Wanderings provides detailed travel guides, the latest travel industry insights, adventure stories, and hotel reviews.

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