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In Evo Surfers, Become the Architect of Your Desired Civilization

Evo Surfers provides an innovative decentralized civilization-based user-generated gaming environment.

MALAYSIA , May 11, 2022 / -- Which game springs to mind when you think of the word “civilization”? Or more specifically, which GameFi project?

Textbooks document an enormous amount of materials evidencing human civilization and social progress. These may come from pieces witnessed by our ancestors or narrate through generations. However, there is always a limit to human cognition, and hence what we can get from textbooks about civilization can be as limited as our cognitive development. Many strategy games, including the newly launched Evo Surfers, provide opportunities for players to create social progress by themselves and reproduce the notion of civilization. These games allow users to become the ones creating and dominating civilization, painting a picture grander than what we can learn from textbooks and history.

Evo Surfers provides an innovative decentralized civilization-based user-generated gaming environment, where players own the copyright to their in-game digital possessions. Evo Surfers, as a strategy role-playing game, allows players to trade and compete in patents, land plots, and resources. For the role-playing part, players can also experience battles and adventures, occupation matching as well as choose skills and equipment. In Evo Surfers, players complete tasks as part of the civilization's operation to receive tokens. The game uses NFTs to create in-game digital assets, including player avatar CaCha NFT characters and their skills and attributes, technology, and hard assets like land and real estate.

One of the features provided in Evo Surfers is the various races and occupations and their respective attributes. For example, The Red Skull and Iron Hands have the attribute of strength. The supporting feature is athleticism, and their occupation is warrior, positioned in the mid-row as a secondary tank (physical). The Red Skull and Iron Hands are brave warriors, experts in using various weapons, who always charge at the front of battles. They attack physically, have good vitality, and can defend against attacks. When there is no Main Tank, a Red Skull and Iron Hand warrior can be temporarily placed in the front row to ensure the attacking ability of the whole team. Separately, The main attribute of the Golden Skull is stamina. Their supporting feature is strength, and their occupation is knight, positioned in the mid-row as a secondary tank.

Compared to standard GameFi player PK gameplay, in Evo Surfers, players can also earn EVOG tokens by completing civilization advancement tasks. In different civilization processes, players receive different tasks and are rewarded with different tokens after completing the tasks. In most strategy games, players reproduce aspects of their worldview by producing an artifact within a social context. In Evo Surfers, the game mechanisms allow players to play a part in deciding the progress and direction of civilization, a reflection of their worldview. This unique aspect of Evo Surfers will substantially increase player payoffs, creating strong player stickiness.

Evo Surfers presents a solution to the short-term life cycle faced by most current games. Its world provides a long-term sustainable game economy and highly engaging and constantly evolving supplementary content.

The game is also a civilization composed of NFTs cloned by its players. Players’ actions will advance the civilization progress of the in-game world from primitive tribes to cosmetic civilization. As the civilization progresses, the new civilization stage will add more benefits and opportunities. It will be linked to the expansion of subsequent gameplay. That means the advancement of civilization in Evo Surfers is the joint efforts of all players as well as a common goal for all players.

The game’s NFTs are tradable through an inbuilt real-world marketplace, enabling them to have value beyond the gaming environment. Evo Surfers also supports a healthy, robust game economy that uses an ERC-20 cryptocurrency token EVO as its primary source of value transfer. Players use EVO to acquire game assets, explore and expand the gaming world, and drive civilization and technological progress.

As players can unleash their imagination in the game, social evolution can be creative and diverse. More than we can learn from textbooks. Evo Surfers offer a great opportunity to produce and witness a civilization built up from scratch. Come and become the architect of your own civilization in Evo Surfers!

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