UW Insure Launches Their Latest Insurance Product That Protects Homes and Businesses All at Once


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Through UW Insure’s 24/7 online chatbot, clients can easily access quotes on their product choice.

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, May 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Necessity is the mother of invention. This idiom rang true in the aftermath of the pandemic in the employment sector. Several businesses lay off some of their employees due to abysmally low sales. However, for some of these employees, the layoff provided the stage for them to live their dreams and create businesses from the comforts of their own home or even the garage.

On the flip side, the decision to run one’s company from one’s residence is fraught with challenges. One of which is acquiring an insurance policy that covers liability on both professional and general property, including cyber assets. UW Insure, the leading insurance provider, is up to the task of insuring their customer’s home and business.

UW Insure announces the launch of their carefully tailored home insurance policy that conveniently covers the private residence of clients including their small-scale home-run businesses. They provide clarity on assets that are under their insurance umbrella, while offering specific protection that is certain to protect them above and beyond the stated content of the insurance package. UW Insure’s launch of this product is to equip their clients with a broader range of home insurance policies, as these policies may not be sufficient to cover employee injuries, property damage or lawsuits.

Calvin Lim, the CEO of UW Insure Brokers, had this to say on the launch of the company’s latest product: “We are excited about this product! It is carefully crafted and worded to provide excellent coverage and protection for homes and in some cases, your start-up home-based office or garage-run business”.
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UW Insure Brokers is a full-service Canadian-based insurance broker established in 2012 committed to delivering solutions for different categories of clients and businesses. They are the award winners of the Insurance Nexus awards/Reuters Events for North America Most Innovative Insurance Broker of the Year 2019.

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