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MetMo Driver’s crowdfunding campaign launched on Kickstarter



Recently launched on Kickstarter, MetMo Driver’s crowdfunding campaign has become a huge success, raising $930,418 from more than 5000 backers and counting.

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM, April 29, 2022 / -- In a rapidly transforming digital-first world, the screwdriver remains to be an essential household tool we can’t do without. While people’s obsession with screwdrivers is real, there are a few pain points that screwdriver enthusiasts have to face while operating them. A standard screwdriver can only get basic jobs done. If only it had twenty-five times the power and was easier to use, things would be different.

MetMo Driver is a hybrid of the hand braces of old and modern ratchet screwdrivers that can completely change the perception that we have of a standard screwdriver. Reimagined from the original patent of the Weltrekord ratchet screwdriver designed by Conrad Baumann, the MetMo Driver provides enough utility features to give screwdriver lovers some serious fixing goals. The initial design by Conrad came up somewhere between the late 1800s and early 19th century. Unfortunately, the German-made Weltrekord’s ratchet screwdriver became a collector's item, something very useful but not accessible to the general public.

Giving a modern twist by improving the original design, British tool manufacturer MetMo has introduced a reimagined version with finer production techniques and better engineering to give it a perfect finish. Created with the vision to infuse the signature MetMo satisfaction into one of the coolest tools in existence, the new-age driver is a result of the relentless perseverance and innovative techniques put together by two engineers who were fascinated by Conrad Baumann’s version of the ratchet driver from the 1950s.

MetMo is one of the most powerful and compact drivers available in the market. It offers a different take on the conventional way to put in screws and drilling holes by allowing 73 Nm of torque, far beyond a standard screwdriver that is rated at 2.7 and 3.1 Nm. Like a Swiss watch, each component of the driver interlocks seamlessly so one can enjoy the endless motion of its moving parts.

MetMo has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to make the screwdriver widely accessible and available. MetMo’s crowdfunding campaign has already gained good traction and raised $1,197,606 from more than 6,130 backers and counting.
Speaking about the campaign, James Whitfield, Founder of MetMo, said, “The support for this project has really taken us by surprise, we’ve been blown away by people's love for bringing the iconic design back to life.”

The unique design of MetMo Driver makes putting in screws manually much easier, placing far less stress on the wrist so that users don’t end up with a burning forearm after putting a screw in. With MetMo, users can simply drive all day without facing any difficulty. The driver is battery-free and eliminates the common problem faced by many when their battery dies on that last screw. The product has been specially made for designers, engineers, thinkers, and anyone who wants to take a moment to focus, relieve stress, or just play around. More than just a tool, the driver is a powerful and versatile tool to have fun and fiddle with.

Users can carry it on the go, and place it in any tool bag, backpack, or even in the back pocket while doing some serious fixing. MetMo offers an elegant ambidextrous design to provide right-handed and left-handed people with the same experience. Its motion is immensely satisfying to watch and fiddle with and one can enjoy using it on the desk just as much as in the workshop.

With its unique design and applications, MetMo makes everyday fixing jobs more enjoyable and time-saving so that people can utilize their time on the important stuff. Made from premium materials, MetMo uses hardened corrosion-resistant stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and hardened tool steel, making it an antique someone would desire to pass on to their coming generations.

About MetMo: We’re Team MetMo. We make interesting engineering oddities that everyone can enjoy. Creating stylish, practical items is our aim, cutting-edge design is our game.

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