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Delroy Marshall Goes back into the Garden of Eden to be with, “Adam And Eve who Were Not Naked”

Delroy Marshall takes you back into the Garden of Eden to be with, “Adam And Eve who Were Not Naked.”

KINGSTON, JAMAICA, May 6, 2022 / -- Published in 2006 but recently gaining new traction, the disruptive body of work takes apart what is considered the foundation of morals and Christianity and sheds new light on it. Marshall candidly breaks down Adam and Eve's time in the Garden Of Eden by stating that the original man and woman were not, in fact, naked.

Instead, Marshall claims their nakedness was a parable of vulnerability which they only experienced once they listened to Satan. He also relays that Eve consuming the fruit is also a parable of her consuming the false testimonies from Satan, who was a physical being present with them in the garden and that “God made us to live only by believing the

He expounds that Moses, who was the author of Genesis, wrote this story in a parable and used physical nakedness to suggest that Adam and Eve were left without God's protection. He also points out that God’s first words to Adam were, “I command you not to consume the words of Satan, for the day you believe his words, you will surely die.”

After this, the book goes on to explain that God then left the man and his wife to be united, unprotected for a while, and this is where Moses, the author, referred to Adam and Eve as “naked,” implying they are no longer under God’s protection, and they are susceptible to the power of Satan.

Marshall continues by exploring how the text refers to Satan using the pronoun “He said to Eve,” to indicating that Satan was indeed a man who bore ill will towards both Adam and Eve. He concludes that the inclusion of the word “serpent” refers to a person who is a compulsive liar, highlighting that once Satan made Adam and Eve stop believing the truth and start to believe his lies, they would die. He accomplished this by using the name of God in a bid to convince Eve that she will be like God. This is when Eve purportedly believes or “consumes and digests” the words of Satan, which modern religious texts have morphed into an apple. Eve then shared the words of Satan with Adam and he also digested them immediately, resulting in them feeling naked and as if they were about to die.

Marshall steadfastly shares that nowhere in the book of Genesis does Moses openly say the duo was physically naked. Instead, the reference to nakedness is figurative. It alludes to them being unprotected by God and feeling shame and regret for being led astray by Satan. From here, the book tells of them hiding from the sound of God after he return and was walking in the garden, eventually being clothed by him once again, meaning they had regained his protection. Proverbs 18 v 21 stated. The tongue has the power of life and death. Matthew 4 v 4 Christ stated man does live on bread alone but on every word that comes out of the mouth of God.

He also explores the true meaning of the Garden of Eden, stating that everything we need for sustenance and to survive comes from the ground. Whether it’s appliances, food, cars, furniture, or a house , everything on the face of this earth comes from the ground. Hence why Moses dubs it the “Garden of Eden”. The book continues to point out that God planted the Garden of Eden and made it clear from the beginning that he made man to work the ground; everything a man need comes from the earth. Can you imagine how much more he gave to Adam and Eve before they disobeyed him. He cites scriptures John 15 v 1-5. Christ stated my father is the Gardener. Ezekiel 28 v 13. Stated Eden the Garden of

Adam And Eve Were Not Naked is well-written, riveting, and causes the reader to question a centuries-old story. The author does a great job of easing the reader into his dogmas with hardcore evidence, probing questions, and new ideas to replace their old ones.

Few feel his thoughts are far-fetched as his readership continues to grow. Others who have always harbored questions will find this read a great introduction to looking at Genesis and the Bible with fresh eyes.

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