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Essentially, rising gas prices may have made a difference in people’s lives, a discernible yet challenging one.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2022 / -- The pandemic has taken its toll, ranging from halting travel plans and canceling vacations to bidding for home offices and commuting a temporary goodbye. These effects have made the demand for gas spiral down the slope. After all, most people are not going anywhere. The shutdown of non-essential businesses further heightened the negative impact of COVID on the oil and gas industry. However, it is surprising that the once low gas price has skyrocketed to a level that raises a concern for many average-income earners in the US.

Many businesses rely heavily on fuel in terms of transportation and discharge of duties. For these businesses, the impact is massive as the amount budgeted for fuel gets doubled in a few months. In a bid to address this challenge, they make efforts to increase their customers' prices while also cutting down on other costs.

Similarly, people have to move from one location to another, from home to school, church, hospital, grocery store, etc. This is made possible by the gas supply in vehicles. Hence, there is a direct impact of the rising gas prices on everyday life. Several outlays now have to be cut off to make room for the purchase of adequate gas for bikes, cars, or buses. Utilities that make life better also need to be paused or halted. They are the opportunity cost for an increase in gas prices. The rising gas prices would still cause an undoubted spike in Uber costs for those without vehicles.

Essentially, rising gas prices may have made a difference in people’s lives, a discernible yet challenging one. Therefore, the need for alternative transportation means became crucial in society. This need may have pushed many to opt for e-bikes which help cut down on how much they spend on gas, and incredibly so. E-bikes, such as Himiway, have proven to be of huge help. They have been an excellent substitute for gasoline-driven bikes, needed in this day and time.

E-bikes may have aided many families in getting back in charge of their finances since they no longer have to spend an extra dime on gas. Electricity has become the new gas, and charging can be done anywhere, at the office or home, at 60-mile per charge.

Undoubtedly, the rising gas price is having an impact on individuals' lives and the country's economy. And everyone will continue to feel the impact until we all arise to attend to this emerging menace or find a way to make lemonade out of the lemon.

Selina Mei
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