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2022 World Civility Icons Announced

HRH Clyde Rivers is honored to have a class of excellence like the 2022 World Civility Icons.

It's a privilege to be on the forefront of change.”
— Prof. Christine Kozachuk Founder Every Girl Wins Institute
CHARLOTTE, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2022 / -- We are honored to present World Civility 2022 Person of the Year Malawi. This is a posthumous award for Bingu Wa Mutharika, the former president of Malawi, for his efforts to create food security in his country of Malawi and feed all neighboring countries.

Africa Person of the Year 2022, HRH Christopher Imumolen. He has received this award for establishing the JTS entrepreneur institute that has graduated over 200,000 people in Nigeria. This is historical because helping people create jobs saves countries.

2022 Guardian of Humanity doctor Greg Dillon, a tenth-degree black belt who has created a safety ability model for children with years of dedication to his art, and now he's given back to the world.

This year we had four top Civility Educators, Prof. Patrick Businge, founder of Greatness University, Professor Chris Green founder of Step Forward Life Institute, Professor Julian Businge, Royal Civility Institute and Vice-Chancellor Carol Green, UGCSI. These four individuals have been impacting education for a post COVID generation.

Persons of the year USA, Dr. Sharon Anderson for Emotional Civility Education and Dr. Ira Roach III for his Focus Forward Civility Campaign.

Alicia Liverpool, Person of the Year Caribbean is adding royal value to humanity.

2022 Organization of the Year, Dr. Sonya Robinson, Congress for Global Communications.

Organization Impact of the Year 2022, Dr. Anana Phifer, Blessed Girls.

Top Newcomer of 2022, Dr. Robbin Hargrove, Spiritual Midwife Organization.

Youth Icon Africa 2022, Olasode Oladapo Bamigboye, first serving the next generation with education literacy.

For his work with Bridge Call Community Development, Global Newcomer of the Year 2022, Branko Tambah.
Youth Icon of the Year Europe 2022, Buckarie Dumbuya, fashion community development leader, has caught the attention of the international world.

Youth Icon of the year USA 2022, Chad Smith, a published author, has shared his struggles in life and has written a book to empower the generations.

Lucien York, Youth of the Year Caribbean is a true voice for development of young people in the world.

Daniel Habtey, African Humanity Legacy Icon 2022, is a man that has fought for his life, leaving Eritrea, and is now impacting multitudes of lives for the development of Africa.

Ed Smith, Crisis Person of the Year 2022, Dr. Rivers calls him the most important Chaplin. He is now serving in Ukraine to serve humanity.

Prof. Christine Kozachuk
Kutukwa Royal International Media of King Development
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