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What the Scholarship Search Consists of and the Conditions at Hand

Pick A

Pick A

“Explore our daily expansion of international scholarships ranging from undergraduate to vocational studies.”

Explore our daily expansion of international scholarships ranging from undergraduate to vocational studies.”
— Kristen Fisher
BUCHAREST, ROMANIA, April 21, 2022 / -- The yearly average of total released scholarships is around 1.7 million. That is 1.7 million scholarship applications by just one person… if that were possible. Each year produces an abundance of viable scholarship options that can either seem daunting or enthralling. However, one of the top comments published on Pick a Scholarship surrounds this: “where is it possible to apply for this scholarship?”

Most of the time various scholarship application websites will either request that a student should register beforehand. Ironically enough, most of the time anyone looking to apply for a scholarship will need to be accepted or enrolled into an accredited university.

But what does “accredited university” mean:

When it comes to independent or private sponsors who are giving away scholarships to the right eligible student, the student will have to attend a university that will accept the scholarship. This can fall under community colleges, ivy league universities, or universities that are well represented and have a good social education standing in that country.

Students only have to search for “accredited universities” for a gargantuan list to pop up and declare which institutions are best suited for scholarships. Or the student can send an e-mail to the funding sponsor and ask for a list of colleges that they work with or are considered “accredited.”

What Has Pick a Scholarship Research Determined to be the Most Difficult Task for Students?

With our own research, it has been strongly determined that students find it difficult when single application scholarships are listed on different pages. This means, if a university has several scholarships available for applying students, each scholarship will be either listed on a whole separate page or in a whole separate section away from other scholarships.

This is how the idea for Pick a Scholarship came to be. A one stop center or in this case, a database of scholarship availability and knowledge.

What Scholarship Mistakes Should Be Avoided?

As luck would have it, a few common scholarship mistakes tend to involve the simplest yet, easily missed points. Such as bad grammar, not adding the zip code to their current address, or leaving blank spots on the scholarship application.

On Pick a Scholarship, with new daily posts being published each day, there are provided sections titled “eligibility” and “requirements” which point out what to provide. This is, providing informational content along with understanding if the student fits the criteria that the scholarship guideline is looking for in an exceptional individual.

As more and more comments flooded in, there was one comment that stuck out the most: “How do I know if I am qualified for this scholarship?” This question led to a change with how the daily scholarship posts would center around “eligibility” and “requirements” that were deemed highly necessary for every individual who intended to apply.

Updated Daily to Provide Correct Availability

One of the worst feelings is filling out an application just to see that the deadline has been over for some time. Not only does this mean that the hard work that went into securing a ‘Letter of Recommendation’ or even ‘A Statement of Purpose’ will now need to be fixed to fit a different scholarship… but the feeling over all can be a let down.

Messages that had been sent in conveyed a unified concern, “How do I know what the deadline is or when it will be?” A simple enough question that deserves a clear and direct timeline answer.

This led to a shift in perspective for Pick a Scholarship writers who scoured and researched the latest 2022-2024 academic scholarship deadlines. Through this research, the utmost popular comment that was stationed on nearly every ‘FAQs’ page was a dedicated deadline answer that was seemingly buried and only available clearly and directly on one page.

When it comes to updating daily, this means each scholarship post should have recurring themes. Providing a correct time stamp or deadline had become essential.

Pick a Scholarship conducted precise research into what aspects of a scholarship were missing, confusing, or let alone hard to find by students.

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