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LifeShip Sending Humanity’s First Off-World DNA Seed Bank to the International Space Station

DNA Capsule with 2,000 humans and 500 species launching on a SpaceX rocket in partnership with NASA

This DNA capsule is a collaborative community effort to preserve the blueprint of humanity and Earth for the future.”
— Ben Haldeman, Founder and CEO
CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2022 / -- LifeShip, a community run space organization, is launching a capsule with DNA from 500 species and 2,000 humans to the International Space Station. It is on a SpaceX rocket with the Crew-4 mission blasting off on April 23rd. LifeShip partnered with NASA to host this first DNA seed bank in space, making it more accessible for people to participate in a space mission.

The LifeShip Capsule will fly as cargo in SpaceX’s Dragon capsule along with 4 astronauts. Astronauts will deliver the capsule to the ISS on a Falcon 9 rocket launching from Cape Canaveral. Thousands of customers added their DNA to the LifeShip Capsule as a way to participate in space exploration and help preserve the genetic record of humanity. The Capsule also contains the DNA of hundreds of species.

“At LifeShip we care deeply about preserving Earth’s biodiversity and making space accessible.” Says Ben Haldeman, Founder and CEO of LifeShip. “This DNA capsule is a collaborative community effort to preserve the blueprint of humanity and Earth for the future. We’re thrilled to have thousands of people onboard and to give them an exciting way to be part of a space mission.”

LifeShip is a participatory community space organization that exists to expand life outwards in the Universe. Their first mission is a distributed network of DNA seed banks in space, on the Moon, and beyond containing the genetic blueprint of our planet. It is a record of our planet saved for the future and a step towards making life more resilient. People can join the mission and add their DNA and story. LifeShip endeavors to one day seed life around other star systems.

Anyone can add their DNA to the genetic record of Earth through the LifeShip website. LifeShip will soon launch a Web3 community platform, with tokens and governance for people to join and contribute to the mission in unique ways.

Key Details:
- LifeShip preserves the DNA of humanity and Earth in capsules in space as DNA seed banks
- Space Act Agreement partnership with NASA to host capsules on the ISS
- 500 species and 2,000 humans on the first mission
- People add their DNA and join a community space movement to expand life outwards

Founder, Ben Haldeman, has worked on over 200 satellites and 20 rocket missions. The vision for LifeShip came to him while in a rainforest in Central America as a way for humans to help Earth spread life outwards.

This is the first of a series of space launches. With two upcoming missions going to the Moon.

Go to to add your DNA or join the community.

Ben Haldeman
+1 415-218-5316